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Subway Surfers

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Riding the crest of the Canabalt wave

Product: Subway Surfers | Developer: Sybo Games | Publisher: Kiloo | Format: Android | Genre: Action | Players: 1 | File size: 33.9MB | Version: Europe
Subway Surfers Android, thumbnail 1
Not many games can claim to have started genres, but Canabalt is definitely one of them: its endless running mechanic is as simple as it is innovative, and the game has spawned a long succession of imitators. 

Some of these imitators - like Jetpack Joyride and Temple Run - have succeeded in spicing things up with coins to collect, and Subway Surfers belongs to this new breed of endless runners. In fact, if you think of it as Temple Run in a Tony Hawk map you won't go far wrong.
You play as a kid in sneakers and hoodie, being chased down train tracks by a fat guard and his dog for vandalising the sides of trains with graffiti.

Swipes make you roll, jump, and side-step as the speed and threat level picks up. Clip something and the guard closes. Hit a wall or train and it's Game Over.

Going underground

Power-ups are inevitably available, like a hoverboard, springy shoes, and a rocketpack, all of which last a short time and are upgradeable in the store, where you can also buy fast starts, random boxes, and all the usual psychological tricks.

Subway Surfers really is a perfect combination of Jetpack Joyride and Temple Run, though it's more parsimonious than both. After a while, the grinding becomes so onerous - exacerbated by unresponsive controls - that you're more or less forced to either pay to hasten your progress or stop playing altogether.

Thanks largely to the game's unresponsive controls, you'll find yourself failing a lot. You can restart instantly, but unless you're getting further through skill you don't enjoy a real sense of purpose - just a compulsive loop of coin-collecting and upgrade-purchasing until the coins dry up and you arrive at the IAP crossroads: pay or go.

If you've already romped your way through the endless runners mentioned above and others then Subway Surfers is a solid - if uninspired - next destination.
Subway Surfers
Reviewer photo
Dan Griliopoulos | 1 June 2012
Subway Surfers never jumps the tracks, but it never goes off the rails either
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Jun 2012
Post count:
Dan Griliopoulos | 11:23 - 5 June 2012
@mr_bez I've had regular freezes on the game running on iPad. I've also felt often that I've died because the input hasn't been correctly recognised.

@wrona If you can't be constructive, I think you should quit commenting. Absolute nonsense. Who cares about unlocks for such a tedious, derivative experience?
Nov 2009
Post count:
mhoskote | 05:33 - 4 June 2012
i agree with this review in general but not the rating (purely bcos its a free game)....the game runs horrible on my iphone 4s....freezes for a couple of seconds every 2-3minutes...and right after it unfreezes, a train slams into me.....crap!! the graphics are good.....and its FREE after all...so i would still give this a 6/7 and after an update removing the sticky gameplay maybe an 8 also....but till then i am hardly playing this....cos its broken....
Apr 2012
Post count:
jn2002dk | 12:25 - 1 June 2012
woa harsh review

I've gotta say on my iPad 2 it feels extremely responsive, on par with Temple Run but with a better level design simply because you can actually see what's coming so you can plan your next move unlike Temple Run where you'll eventually get caught by some obstacle right after a sharp turn

I'd rate this higher than Temple Run
Nov 2011
Post count:
mr_bez | 12:23 - 1 June 2012
Surprised at the comment about unresponsive controls - I've played a lot of this and never once felt that I've died because the game misread my input. Agree that the missions do become somewhat of a grind after a while though.

The score almost doesn't matter though - you know their App Store description will soon read "A perfect combination of Jetpack Joyride and Temple Run." - Pocket Gamer.
Jun 2012
Post count:
wrona | 12:01 - 1 June 2012
Well, this is an another example why Mr. Dan should quit the job.
There is no mention about 3 more characters that can be unlocked (it is quite hard though, but I managed to unlock the girl in 1 hour of game play).
Controls work fine on my both iOS devices. Mission system as mentioned quite grind based, but after completing 3 missions (you can buy 'skip mission' for an in-game currency if a mission is too hard) your score multiplier permanently increases.

Additional feature that has not been mentioned is the possibility to compete with GC / facebook friends, which gives additional motivation boost.

Like said above, I'd rate the game higher than Temple Run.

Sorry Mr. Dan