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Jon Jordan
A Pocket Gamer co-founder, Jon can turn his hand to anything except hand turning. He is editor-at-large at PG.biz which means he can arrive anywhere in the world, acting like a slightly confused uncle looking for the way out. He likes letters, cameras, imaginary numbers and legumes.
Reviewer photo
[Various - Video]
08 April
Indiegogo campaign for baggage sim is go-go.

Amazon sneak-peaks 9 exclusive titles for 'gaming too' Fire TV unconsole  
[Android - News]
03 April
A slice of Prime action?

[Various - Video]
20 March
Latest mobile RPG from Korean outfit WeMade

[Various - Video]
17 March
Marcel Duchamp's Fountain was the end of art as we know it. But is this angry bear even more destructive than the French Dadaist?

[Various - Video]
06 March
Lionheart Tactics is a strategy-based RPG that challenges you with a choice of 15+ hero classes in turn-based battles.

Get $99.99 of IAPs for just 99c in Appy's crazy Valentine Day sale  
[Various - News]
14 February
It's the sale to end all sales

Send your crush a customised HTML5 match-3 game for Valentine's Day  
[Various - News]
07 February
Be your own King

Gamevil's looking for testers for its forthcoming Pocket Gunfighters  
[Various - News]
07 February
Sign up and bring your six-guns

[Various - Video]
27 January
Inspired by Super Smash Bros., Fright Fight is an online multiplayer fighting game infused with RPG elements.

Wikipad gets OTA update including control mapping and Android 4.2  
[Android - News]
23 January
Plus WildTangent games

[Android - Video]
23 January
Finnish start-up Helmeni now has open beta for mobile MMORTS Casters of Kalderon live on Google Play.

[Various - Video]
15 January
Another Clash of Clans TV spot.

[Various - Video]
15 January
Nope. I don't know what one is either.

[Various - Video]
15 January
You'd almost feel sorry for him.

[Various - Video]
14 January
Inspired by Japanese shoot-'em up Ikaruga, this game has players matching the correct colour (positive/negative) plasma wave in order to fuse a new element. But, mixing matter with antimatter will quickly make things go boom!

[Various - Video]
07 January
Glu Mobile has the licence for 2014 movie tie-in, and the gameplay looks a lot like Frontline Commando.

[iPhone - Video]
04 January
A few pointers to get you started on the forthcoming iOS location-based alien invasion game Let's Attack.

[iPhone - Video]
03 January
Incoming location-based strategy game for iOS.

[Various - Video]
24 December
Not many people have downloaded Clash of Clans yet, so the developer is risking all with a TV advert.

[Various - Video]
19 December
Coming in early 2014.

Kabam gives Clash of Clans a sci-fiction makeover for its Dark District  
[Various - News]
13 December
Shooting up App Store with PVE and PVP now

[iPad - Video]
04 December
Upcoming game Toy Rush mixes tower defence, attack, and card-based elements to revolutionise the tactics genre.

[Various - Video]
22 November
Atmospheric gesture game heading to iOS and Android.

[Various - Video]
18 November
Form alliances, collect resources, construct a base, and skirmish fiercely.

Send in the artillery: Tank Nation fires up on iPad  
[iPad - News]
15 November
Turn-based battles in a steampunk world

Woojer promises more immersive gaming with its wearable, audio-driven-but-silent tactile sub-woofer  
[Various - News]
06 November
Innovative Kickstarter project looking for funding

[Various - Video]
29 October
A world of tanks is coming to mobile devices.

[Various - Video]
29 October
Can you make everything add up to 10?

[Various - Video]
27 October
Take the Orc's side in this action match-3 game for iOS.

[Various - Video]
11 October
Your bullets are your own worst enemy, so Don't Shoot Yourself! Out for iOS on November 13th.