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Roger Hargreaves
After being picked last for PE one too many times, Roger vowed to eschew all physical activities and exist only as a being of pure intellect. However, the thought of a lifetime without video games inspired him to give up and create for himself a new robot body capable of wielding a joystick – as well as the keyboard necessary to write for both Pocket Gamer and Teletext's GameCentral.
Reviewer photo
Need for Speed Undercover  
[PSP - Game review]
05 December
Need for Change

Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness  
[DS - Game review]
20 November
Farm hand(held)

Transformers Animated: The Game  
[DS - Game review]
03 November
More than meets the eye?

LEGO Batman: The videogame  
[PSP - Game review]
14 October
Holy missing features, Batman!

Lock's Quest  
[DS - Game review]
06 October
Lock and load

PDC World Championship Darts 2008  
[PSP - Game review]
03 October
It's got The Power

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood  
[DS - Game review]
01 October
Super Sonic?

Virtual Villagers  
[Mobile - Game review]
24 September
Castaway your doubts

Disney Solitaire Master  
[Mobile - Game review]
18 September
A good deal

Activision Anthology  
[Mobile - Game review]
16 September
The stench of mediocrity

Revival Deluxe  
[Mobile - Game review]
11 September
The end of Civilization?

Spore Creatures  
[DS - Game review]
09 September
Survival of the flattest

Ape Escape M  
[Mobile - Game review]
05 September
Monkey magic?

Beijing Dreams  
[Mobile - Game review]
04 September
The dream is over

Crystal Quest  
[Mobile - Game review]
28 August
Retro without the nostalgia

Hellboy: The Stench of Evil  
[Mobile - Game review]
27 August
The stench of mediocrity

The Top 10 import games for PSP  
[PSP - Feature]
19 August
The games you won't find in Woolworths

Space Chimps  
[DS - Game review]
13 August
Making a monkey out of you?

Top 10 import games for DS  
[DS - Feature]
08 August
The titles that were lost in translation

Ancient Games  
[Mobile - Game review]
07 August
Older than Pong

Call of Cthulhu: Darkness Within - Book 1  
[Mobile - Game review]
05 August
Lovingly crafted

Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Sisters – Part 2  
[Mobile - Game review]
04 August

Felix the Devil 2  
[Mobile - Game review]
29 July
Devil may cry?

Doodle Hex  
[DS - Game review]
21 July

Cake Mania 2  
[Mobile - Game review]
18 July
Exceedingly good?

Hands on with Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals on DS  
[DS - Preview]
15 July
Have your cake and eat it

Space Invaders Extreme  
[PSP - Game review]
11 July
30 years young

Pirates of the Caribbean Poker  
[Mobile - Game review]
09 July
Davey Jones's casino and bar

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift  
[DS - Game review]
04 July
The isometric art of war

Einstein's Brain Game  
[Mobile - Game review]
03 July
Fun is relative