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Mark Walbank
Ex-Edge writer and retro game enthusiast, Mark has been playing games since he received a Grandstand home entertainment system back in 1977. Still deeply absorbed by moving pixels (though nothing 'too fast'), he now lives in Scotland and practices the art of mentalism.
Reviewer photo
Top 10 handheld games that keep on giving  
[Various - Feature]
13 May
Battery busters

Top 10 adventure games that should be revived on DS  
[DS - Feature]
06 May
Tapping into the past

Top 10 games to play with your food  
[DS - Out there]
27 April
Bytes in the hand that feeds you

10 reasons why Chinatown Wars is the best GTA ever  
[DS - News]
18 March
Just in case you were still deliberating a purchase

GTA: Chinatown Wars  
[DS - Game review]
17 March
Fortune cookie say goodbye weekend

Prince of Persia: The Fallen King  
[DS - Game review]
17 December
Stylus over substance

Tomb Raider: Underworld  
[DS - Game review]
28 November
The plunder puss returns

Football Manager Handheld 2009  
[PSP - Game review]
27 November
Top of the table

TrackMania DS  
[DS - Game review]
21 November
More speed, less haste

Football Director DS  
[DS - Game review]
03 October
Goes through on a penalty shootout

Last King of Africa  
[DS - Game review]
30 September
A good tradition of love and hate

Pirates: Duels on the High Seas  
[DS - Game review]
29 September
Walk the plank

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution  
[DS - Game review]
12 September
Reach for the stars

Top Ten Best Handheld Ports Ever  
[Various - Feature]
03 September
Welcome to heaven

Top Ten Worst Handheld Ports Ever  
[Various - Feature]
28 August
Welcome to hell

Race Driver: GRID  
[DS - Game review]
15 August
Pole position

International Athletics  
[PSP - Game review]
07 August
China crisis?

ATV Offroad Fury Pro  
[PSP - Game review]
16 July
Stuck in the mud?

If Dr Frankenstein made handheld games...  
[Various - Feature]
08 July
Where game development meets organ transplant

SBK 08 Superbike World Championship  
[PSP - Game review]
20 June
Leaning towards respectability

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures  
[DS - Game review]
11 June
Prepare to be whipped into a frenzy

Ten amazing games you'll never play on PSP  
[PSP - Feature]
06 June
Publisher promises were made, players' hearts were broken

WWII: Battle Over the Pacific  
[PSP - Game review]
03 June
Going through the motions

Chessmaster: The Art of Learning  
[PSP - Game review]
08 May
King of the castle

Top 10 game locations for your summer holidays  
[Various - Feature]
06 May
We wish you were there

The World Ends With You  
[DS - Game review]
25 April
Where monsters, music and millinery collide

Top 10 advertorial games we wouldn't play even if you paid us  
[Various - Feature]
13 March
They'd be free but come at a price

The Fast and the Furious  
[PSP - Game review]
15 February
The Tame and the Tedious, more like

The Most Christmassey Games Ever  
[Various - Feature]
11 December
Snuggle up with some winter heart-warmers

Ben 10: Protector of Earth  
[PSP - Game review]
07 December
Ten minutes is quite enough