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Robert Howells
Reviewer photo
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis  
[DS - Game review]
13 February
Compelling, approachable, clockwork-based Mario puzzler? Tick, tick, tick.

How to fix DS calibration problems  
[DS - How to]
08 February
Sort out those problems you've been having with the DS touchscreen

How to put YouTube videos on your PSP  
[PSP - How to]
16 January
Watch the future of TV on the go

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin  
[DS - Game review]
05 January
It's dead good

How to update your PSP firmware  
[PSP - How to]
19 December
If you don't do homebrew, you might as well do up-to-date

How to... Pimp your DS  
[DS - How to]
11 December
Make your Ninty handheld one in a million

How to podcast on your PSP  
[PSP - How to]
02 December
Listen carefully now...

How to read magazines on PSP  
[PSP - How to]
17 November
Check out your favourite mags without getting inky fingers

How to download PSP demos  
[PSP - How to]
10 November
Get PSP content for free from across the world

Getting into DS homebrew  
[DS - Feature]
08 November
Enjoy a drop of the good stuff, by stepping aside from the traditional games market and heading into the underground

How to use DS wi-fi with your Apple Mac  
[DS - How to]
02 November
You don't need to defect to Windows just yet

How to put a DVD on your PSP  
[PSP - How to]
24 October
Convert a DVD into a PSP compatible video

How to get started with DS homebrew software  
[DS - How to]
17 October
Begin running unsigned code on your DS using the 'NoPass' method

How to fix stuck pixels on your PSP screen  
[PSP - How to]
03 October
A simple fix for unwanted PSP pixels

How to play multiplayer with one DS cart  
[DS - How to]
22 September
Play multiplayer DS games with one cart using the Download Play feature

How to read books on your PSP  
[PSP - How to]
13 September
Read as you go on your widescreen console

How to transfer DS Wi-Fi settings  
[DS - How to]
12 September
Move your DS wireless settings over to your new DS Lite with ease

How to get news feeds on your PSP  
[PSP - How to]
07 September
Keep up-to-date with all your favourite websites while you're out and about

How to operate the DS alarm  
[DS - How to]
05 September
Use your DS as an alarm clock and countdown timer

How to change PSP save icons  
[PSP - How to]
30 August
Change your PSP save icons to any picture you want

How to remove DS Lite scratches  
[DS - How to]
23 August
Return your scratched DS to good as new without breaking the bank

How to download DS demos  
[DS - How to]
18 August
Download DS demos from the Net for free with your PC Wi-Fi card

How to use MSN Messenger on your PSP  
[PSP - How to]
17 August
Sign in to your MSN Messenger account on your PSP and chat to friends from any wireless hotspot