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Matt Thrower
Matt is a freelance arranger of words concerning boardgames and video games. He's appeared on IGN, PC Gamer, Gamezebo, and others.
Reviewer photo
Hearthstone's Witchwood patch and nerfs - What it means for the popular decks  
[Various - News]
23 May
How to handle the big changes

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Even Paladin  
[Various - Walkthrough]
17 May
Even better than... most other decks

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Odd Paladin  
[Various - Walkthrough]
10 May
Very odd indeed

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Murloc Paladin [Updated for The Witchwood]  
[Various - Walkthrough]
03 May

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Spiteful Druid  
[Various - Walkthrough]
03 May
Screaming trees

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Spiteful Dragon Priest [Updated for The Witchwood]  
[Various - Walkthrough]
25 April
Spite and malice

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Secret Mage [Updated for The Witchwood]  
[Various - Walkthrough]
25 April
Secret no longer

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Cubelock [Updated for The Witchwood]  
[Various - Walkthrough]
25 April
Three times the fun of standard Warlock

Hearthstone Guide: The best decks for the Witchwood expansion  
[Various - Walkthrough]
18 April
Get ahead of the curve

Get back to basics ahead of Hearthstone's Witchwood expansion with our beginner's strategy guide  
[Various - Walkthrough]
12 April
How not to tank in the tavern

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Spell Hunter  
[Various - Walkthrough]
29 March
Scenting Secret Victories

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Combo Dragon Priest  
[Various - Walkthrough]
21 March
A solid combo?

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Big Priest  
[Various - Walkthrough]
27 February
Big and serious

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Zoolock  
[Various - Walkthrough]
20 February
Magical menagerie management - become a Zoo Warlock expert

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Card Crafting  
[Various - Walkthrough]
14 February
Done and Dusted (the latest in our series of expert playing guides)

Hearthstone Dungeon Run Guide: Buffs and Treasures  
[Various - Feature]
26 January
Looting to your heart's content

Hearthstone Dungeon Run Guide: Classes and Cards  
[Various - How to]
17 January
Get a boost past the bosses

8 More Board Games We'd Love To See On Mobile  
[Various - Feature]
02 August
Because there's too much awesome in the real world

Top 7 digital board games you've never heard of  
[Various - Feature]
01 August
Bring up the boardies

6 new Hearthstone cards that could ruin the game  
[Various - Feature]
08 December
Slow equals boring

Rome: Total War review - A legion inside your iPad  
[iPad - Game review]
14 November
Everything old is new again

Star Nomad 2 - Keep moving on  
[Various - Game review]
07 June
There's not much to see here

Castles of Mad King Ludwig - Better than a box of frogs  
[Various - Game review]
31 May
And lets face it, a box of frogs is pretty good

Seven ways Clash Royale should be more like Hearthstone  
[Various - Feature]
20 May
Clash of the titans

Talisman: Horus Heresy - Fittingly chaotic  
[Various - Game review]
16 May
You can't teach an old Genestealer new tricks

Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods deckbuilding guide  
[Various - Feature]
11 May
Surviving the end of the world as we know it

Clash Royale - What the latest patch means for the meta  
[Various - Feature]
06 May
How do the new cards stack against the current stack?

Pathfinder Adventures - Off the beaten track  
[Various - Game review]
05 May
Endless adventures in your armchair

Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods - shout it loudly  
[Various - Game review]
03 May
Everything old is awesome again

6 ways to make free to play games less evil  
[Various - Feature]
04 April
Because we need more good in the world