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Harry Slater
Harry used to be really good at Snake on the Nokia 5110. Apparently though, digital snake wrangling isn't a proper job, so now he writes words about games instead.
Reviewer photo
Adventures of Mana - A mid-sized but expensive blast from the past  
[Various - Game review]
05 February
With a new snazzy look

Kill the Plumber World - I'm still waiting for Super Kill the Plumber Bros World 2  
[Various - Game review]
04 February
It's fine, everything is fine

Space Grunts - But you can't hear it, because you're in space  
[Various - Game review]
04 February
Grunt work

Ultimate Briefcase - I mean, yes it is, but isn't that damning with faint praise?  
[Various - Game review]
04 February
Casing the joint

These are the best Android games of January 2016  
[Android - Feature]
02 February
Crashing, slashing, matching

Lost Journey - Probably worth buying a map for  
[Various - Game review]
01 February
Hello, is it me you're looking for

Twofold Inc. - A puzzling numerical romp with a lot going for it  
[Various - Game review]
29 January
Two folds into four, and so on

Infinite Skater - It feels like we might be stuck in an ouroboros loop  
[Various - Game review]
29 January
On and on and on

Circa Infinity - I'd happily get stuck here forever  
[Various - Game review]
29 January
Special circles of hell

Top Gear: Drift Legends - Stig of the dump  
[Various - Game review]
28 January
Stuck in reverse

Baum - Branching out, but could do with a prune  
[Various - Game review]
27 January
Wood you?

Blade: Sword of Elysion - Hack, slash, tap, tap, hack, slash, and so on  
[Various - Game review]
27 January
Blade storm

The Westport Independent - Choosing the right thing isn't always the right thing  
[Various - Game review]
26 January
Publish or be damned

How to survive the depths in Dungelot: Shattered Lands - Hints, tips, and tricks  
[Various - Walkthrough]
26 January
Don't kill that, kill this

Lost in Harmony - A beautiful, often breathtaking ride through sound  
[Various - Game review]
25 January

Crashlands - And it lands pretty damn well  
[Various - Game review]
25 January
Crash override

Dungelot: Shattered Lands - Down down, deeper and down  
[Various - Game review]
22 January
I dungelot

PGC London 2016: Dark Future: Blood Red States is what happens when a driving game crashes into an RTS  
[Various - Preview]
19 January
Crash, bang, wallop

PGC London 2016: Drunk-Fu is a violent, stumbling, physics-based scrapper  
[Various - Preview]
19 January
Normal Saturday night

PGC London 2016: Smooth Operator is the ultimate make-out adventure  
[Various - Preview]
19 January
Kiss me quick

PGC London 2016: Hopply is a lilly pad jumping, swipey claymation adventure  
[Various - Preview]
19 January
Hopply ever after?

PGC London 2016: Nyheim is a roguelike boardgame full of monster rats and death  
[Various - Preview]
19 January
Cheery then

Punch Club - If you like a lot of punching on your faces, join our club  
[Various - Game review]
15 January
Clubbed to death

Pocket Mortys - You really do have to catch all of them  
[Various - Game review]
14 January
Great Scott

Venture Kid - A venture into the dim and distant past  
[Various - Game review]
14 January
Not bad, kid

Silver Award-winning physics adventure Sunburn is free right now on iPad and iPhone  
[Various - Sale]
12 January
Dead good

January 12th iPad and iPhone review round up: Basket Fall, Escalate, Plankton, and more  
[Various - Feature]
11 January
Dunk, dodge, leap, and grab

Jetpack Fighter - Fighting the quite good fight  
[Various - Game review]
08 January
Back of the jet

Age of Wushu: Dynasty - Sometimes you want someone else to grind for you  
[Various - Game review]
07 January
Wushu-d you try it?

Lonewolf - More of a cub really  
[Various - Game review]
07 January
Snipe to see you