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Ben Griffin
Having said farewell to university life, Ben decided to follow his ultimate dream of getting paid to play games. Luckily, Pocket Gamer was more than happy to help in his quest.
Reviewer photo
iPhone MMO Outer Empires update to give power to the players  
[iPhone - News]
30 March
Become a galactic president

We Rule hits a million gaming sessions in 24 hours  
[iPhone - News]
26 March
Ruling many a gamers spare time

[iPhone - Video]
24 March
The Witcher: versus makes its way to the App Store.

The Witcher: Versus coming to the App Store  
[iPhone - News]
24 March

Analyst: PSP 2 will be announced this year  
[PSP - News]
24 March
So says one analyst

Apple eating away at DS and PSP gaming pie  
[iPhone - News]
23 March
Sony hit particularly hard

GDC 2010: Gamma’s six new One Button Games  
[iPhone - News]
09 March
Simple pleasures

Sponsored Feature: TheGameTrail makes the struggle of finding an iPhone game a thing of the past  
[iPhone - Feature]
05 March
Watch the trailer, get the game you'll enjoy

iPhone racer Raging Thunder 2 jumps a red light, arrives early on App Store  
[iPhone - News]
04 March
Thunder in paradise

The Social Gaming weekly roundup: FarmVille, Microsoft, Pet Society and more  
[Facebook and social - Feature]
26 February
Round 14

The new Java: Top 10 best Android handsets  
[Android - Feature]
24 February
Ten phones with the Android OS

Sony looking to combat piracy with Socom: US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3  
[PSP - News]
17 February
'Are you f'ing kidding me?'

PlayStation Network coming to mobile  
[Mobile - News]
17 February
Keeping up with the Joneses

Original Paperboy and Super Pipeline coming to iPhone, via emulator  
[iPhone - News]
17 February
Congratulations to Benos75, too

The Social Gaming weekly roundup: Zombie Farm, Offerpal, Zynga, and more  
[Facebook and social - Feature]
12 February
Round 13

Landers Invaders blasts onto the App Store  
[iPhone - News]
11 February
Become a sexy Anti-G pilot

MusiGames to announce new iPhone titles at Macworld Expo  
[iPhone - News]
10 February
Music to our ears?

Happy 10th Birthday, Bejeweled - one copy sold every 4.3 seconds  
[iPhone - News]
10 February
Celebratory content on the way

Want to use Windows 95 on your Nokia N900?  
[Smartphone - News]
10 February
Now you can

Extreme Lawn Bowls available from today on the App Store  
[iPhone - News]
09 February
Not to be confused with Extreme Lawn Bowels

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days  
[PSP - Game review]
09 February
Sayonara social life

iPhone 4.0 may have a taller screen  
[iPhone - News]
09 February
iPhone 16.0 will double up as a dining table (it wont)

The Social Gaming roundup: Brave Arms, Paradise Paintball 3D, We Rule, and more  
[Facebook and social - Feature]
05 February
Round 12

[Android - Video]
05 February
Google tells the story of its flagship handset's conception and birth.

More details on Sonic 4, 'classic Sonic gameplay' promised  
[iPhone - News]
05 February
Super, Sonic

[iPhone - Video]
04 February
Well, do you feel lucky, pig?

X2 Snowboarding hitting the App Store this month  
[iPhone - News]
04 February
Radical, dude

Apocalyptos hits the App Store  
[iPhone - News]
02 February
The end is nigh

Playfish and EA bringing Command & Conquer or The Sims to Facebook?  
[Facebook and social - News]
02 February
We welcome our new social gaming overlords

iPad to include a camera?  
[iPad - News]
02 February
Say cheese