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Tom Love
Tom has recently migrated south for the winter after blagging his way through university. Living alone and diagnosed with an extreme case of post-study depression, Tom joins the Pocket Gamer staff in a futile attempt to become a functioning member of society.
Reviewer photo
Keen hacker installs Android on Sony Ericsson Xperia X1  
[Android - News]
09 February
Some people have no patience

Plants vs Zombies coming to iPhone on February 15th  
[iPhone - News]
09 February
Rule Number 32: Buy more fertiliser

iPhone games developers excited by the iPad’s 'big screen experience'  
[iPad - News]
28 January
Bigger is better

[Mobile - Video]
21 January
It's a dog-eat-dog world out there

[iPhone - Video]
20 January
John Gore shows his true colours.

Analysts: iPhone piracy costs Apple and developers $450 million  
[iPhone - News]
14 January
Blackbeard unavailable for comment

More Apple iPhone 4G rumours surface  
[iPhone - News]
13 January
Thanks to Korea Telecom

Photo browsing iPhone app forChan banned for porn violations  
[iPhone - News]
12 January
Naked panting hounds come pre-loaded

Palm announces the introduction of 3D Gaming to the Palm Pre  
[Palm - News]
08 January
People rejoice at the application of a new dimension to mobile gaming

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer reveals HP tablet at CES  
[Other - News]
07 January
The Courier exists and other 'Slate PCs' are in the pipeline

[Android - Video]
06 January
Not socially acceptable in public.

[Android - Video]
06 January

[Android - Video]
06 January
Range of new features demonstrated.

New PSP game Dead or Alive Paradise gets gaming palms sweaty  
[PSP - News]
16 December
Dead or Alive? Alive please and on a Desert Island surrounded by sexy women who gamble

Vivid Games explains the reasons behind Samurai Puzzle Battle revamp on iPhone  
[iPhone - Interview]
15 December
'We knew exactly what we wanted to deliver'

iPhone game Boom It Up! lands on the App Store  
[iPhone - News]
11 December
Boom boom pow

Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines  
[PSP - Game review]
10 December
Stabbed in the back

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X takes flight on the iPhone  
[iPhone - News]
10 December
The Sum of All Fears = death

iPhone game Voltron claws its way onto the US App Store  
[iPhone - News]
08 December
It’s not easy defending the universe, but someone’s got to do it

[Mobile - Video]
04 December
It took god six days. How long will it take you?

Judge rules that Nintendo DS flash cartridges are legal in Europe  
[DS - News]
04 December
Fight the power

iPhone game Boggle 59p in EA’s 25 Games 'Til Xmas sale  
[iPhone - News]
03 December
Christmas has come early for vocabulary buffs

[DSi - Video]
02 December
Shameless and yet strangely hypnotic.

New multiplayer update for Modern Combat: Sandstorm on the iPhone  
[iPhone - News]
02 December
Deathmatch becomes you

High-rolling Super Monkey Ball 2 arrives on the iPhone at premium £5.99/$9.99 price  
[iPhone - News]
01 December
If you pay bananas, expect monkeys

Motorola Droid hitting UK shores next week  
[Android - News]
01 December
December 7th is the day to mark in your diary

Judgment Day War  
[iPhone - Game review]
29 November
Judge not lest ye be judged yourself

iPhone game Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion coming in to land on the App Store  
[iPhone - News]
27 November
Sky's the limit

iPhone game Robbie Williams Racing live on the App Store  
[iPhone - News]
27 November
Daylight Robbie-ry

Black Friday iPhone game sale roundup: round two  
[iPhone - Feature]
27 November
More discount games for you to pore over