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Android 18 February
Gameloft dungeon crawler out this year on iOS and Android WATCH IT! >>
Android 18 February
Probably America. Like, definitely. WATCH IT! >>
Android 6 February

Guide your young toymaker on a quirky adventure to restore the imagination of the town's kids. Using the arcane art of toy making, the player gives kids the chance to literally become their own favorite toys.

Toysburg manages comedy throughout the game by reflecting reality and turning it on its head: Kids become toys, and use their imagination to get through their own lives' quests.

But the kids aren't the only one with things to do: With a deep, mission-driven storyline, players are hooked into progressing through this free-to-play sandbox game.

Android 6 February
Not since Flight Control has there been a game exactly like this. WATCH IT! >>
Android 6 February

Radian is a puzzle game with a twist! Play a tactile 3D board made of rotating rings! Like many classic arcade games, it is mesmerizing in its simplicity, while growing more intense until you finally crack under the pressure.

iPhone 5 February

Fedeen Games is excited to usher in the new generation of strategy combat with Jungle Force, now available in Canada on iOS! A dynamic take on the animal battler with an innovative blend of turn-based and real-time combat, yet clad in the glorious old-school pixel art of yore, Jungle Force is truly a revolution in your hands. Combat in Jungle Force is a unique hybrid of real-time and turn-based action, requiring precise timing and awareness for optimal results. When it’s your turn, you can trigger the attacks of your animals at will in whatever order you see fit. This way, players can configure their team to inflict maximum damage and achieve staggering combos. And let’s not forget the artwork! The 84 animals of Jungle Force and their lush environments have been lovingly crafted in a charming array of nostalgia-inducing pixels. Creatively designed with a healthy dash of humor, the 84 animals of Jungle Force are sure to charm their way into your heart as you journey across three maps and over 100 levels to collect each and every one. Collect! Evolve! Conquer! “I’m proud to have been part of the team that’s bringing Jungle Force to an international audience,” remarked Senior Product Manager Justin Brown. “It’s truly a unique experience, unlike any game I’ve ever played before.” Jungle Force is free-to-play and available now on iOS in Canada. Unleash the beast in you with Jungle Force!

Android 5 February

Hook is a minimal game experience.

iPhone 5 February

Big Head Gunner is a modern iOS game but also a totally retro 2D platformer. It brings the complex and accurate control systems of games like Super Mario Brothers to touch screen, without the use of an onscreen controller. This has never been done before on pure touch, and the result is an amazingly playable platformer! Travel 9 magical worlds, through 36 handcrafted levels, with dozens of sub levels. Be victorious in 9 adrenaline pumping boss battles, and save Prince Akoki. Collect 180 stars and dozens of other unlockables. Enjoy 9 super fun bonus games. All in fluid HD running at 60 frames per second!

Precision Touch
Gamers know that quality platformers depend on quality controls. This is where Big Head Gunner sets itself apart from the slew of touchscreen runners and virtual controller platformers. Big Head Gunner employs a proprietary touchscreen control system that allows unprecedented accuracy for a mobile platformer.

Bonus Games
The core game was already packed with content and variety but the developers wanted even more! Nine super fun bonus games are included with Big Head Gunner. These games will test your reflexes, memory, and even strategic ability. Every game is unique and gives players yet another way to collect coins.

Boss Battles
Big Head Gunner is definitely not an endless runner, it is an action platformer through and through. Expertly designed levels complemented by expertly designed boss battles. King Chameleon has gone crazy with disguises! Gamers can look forward to an engaging and challenging boss at the end of every world.

Notable Features
# Two year production
# Handcrafted levels
# Expert level design
# Precision Touch technology
# 9 magical worlds
# 36 unique levels with dozens of sub levels
# 180 stars to find and collect
# Dozens of other collectables
# 9 adrenaline pumping boss battles
# 9 super fun bonus games
# HD animation running at 60 FPS
# Over 50 hours of gameplay

Download http://itunes.apple.com/app/id914023351 

iPhone 3 February

PLAY over 60 mind bending puzzles where you must get the ball from start to finish by placing missing tiles in correct places.
CREATE your own puzzles with our built-in level editor and test them out.
TWEET your puzzles to the world, from inside the game! Everyone who owns the game can now see and play them. You can optionally tag your friends too!
Get an ever-increasing supply of puzzles from twitter.

iPad 3 February

Blast? 'Course

Android 3 February

Armored Forces: World of War is a tank battle game taking place in the distant future of the humanity. Mega corporations are at war with each other for mining and delivery of natural resources from remote planets. For that purpose they recruit private well armed armies.
You start the game as a rookie on a light tank in one of these armies. You will be involved in a variety of battles in which you have to defend your base, protect convoys and also attack enemy bases and convoys. And, of course, be in direct battles with the enemy tanks.

As you complete missions, you will be able to improve some parameters of your tank. Also after completing a few missions you will have at your disposal more powerful tanks.

The game has several levels of difficulty, so you can choose the one that suits you. Also there is integration with Google services and you can share your achievements with friends around the world, save your progress in the cloud and play on multiple devices without losing progress.

The Lite version of the game contains 12 levels and 3 types of tanks.

The Full version of the game contains 96 levels and 13 types of tanks.

iPad 3 February

Make your own fish crafts with cardboard and play fantasy marine games with them. Labo Paper fish is a create & play app that can stimulate children's interest in mysterious ocean world and marine creatures.

It's for kids 4-7 years old.

Android 3 February

3-in-a-row games can be tough! Here is the proof. Solve 60 levels of hardcore puzzles.