Pocket Gamer | www.pocketgamer.co.uk | Latest additions (Board Game) The latest stories from Pocket Gamer, updated every five minutes. FOR INFORMATION ONLY. NOT TO BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/ en-gb Wed, 26 Sep 2018 12:46:20 GMT Copyright (c) 2018 Pocket Gamer From 5pm UK time tonight, James Gilmour will be hawking gems live on Twitch <img src="http://images.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/imgthumbs/na-mmzi/splendor-ios-03.jpg" width="200" alt="From 5pm UK time tonight, James Gilmour will be hawking gems live on Twitch" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> Yes, we might be a day late with this week's stream, but that doesn't mean it isn't going to be a belter. Live on Twitch tonight from 5pm UK time, the erstwhile James Gilmour is going to be playing Splendor.<br><br>What's Splendor? Well it's a game all about precious jewels. You need to build up your empire of shiny rocks, buying, selling, and trading your way to the top. It's deep, it's tense, and there's a lot that could go wrong. Which means James will probably go wrong a lot.<br><br>We're also currently giving away a bunch of physical copies of Splendor. <a href="/r/Board+Game/Splendor/feature.asp?c=78781">If you want to win one, smash a click on this link to find out how</a>. Watching the stream isn't going to help you bag one, but it might give you a better understanding of what you're trying to win. <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Splendor/news.asp?c=78784'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Splendor/news.asp?c=78784 Wed, 26 Sep 2018 09:00:00 GMT There's no stream tonight alas, but we will be live on Twitch tomorrow with that gem of a board game, Splendor <img src="http://images.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/imgthumbs/na-gtlz/screen640x640__2_.jpeg" width="200" alt="There's no stream tonight alas, but we will be live on Twitch tomorrow with that gem of a board game, Splendor" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> You're probably distraught right now. You're probably wondering what on earth you're going to do on a Tuesday evening when there isn't a TableTap stream to watch, right? Well we've got some good news for you - we're doing a stream tomorrow instead. And we're streaming Splendor.<br><br>Splendor is a game about buying and selling diamonds. It's pretty deep, it's pretty engrossing, and you're going to be able to watch James Gilmour playing it for an hour and a half from 5pm UK time tomorrow.<br><br>Need more Splendor info? Well when we reviewed it we called it "A good-looking and smooth playing adaptation of a cracking card game." <a href="/r/Board+Game/Splendor/review.asp?c=66445">Click here to read the rest of the review</a> if that's piqued your interest. <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Splendor/news.asp?c=78783'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Splendor/news.asp?c=78783 Tue, 25 Sep 2018 13:05:05 GMT WIN: 10 copies of Splendor are up for grabs! <img src="http://images.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/imgthumbs/na-gizyav/splendor-board-game-components.jpg" width="200" alt="WIN: 10 copies of Splendor are up for grabs!" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> Want to win a physical copy of impressive gem-focused board game Splendor? Well you're in luck, because we've got a bunch to give away.<br><br>The game lets you and your friends become gem merchants of the Renaissance. It's all about collecting chips and developing your cards.<br><br>You'll attempt to buy gem mines, extra transportation, and new shops in order to acquire the most points and win. If you become wealthy enough you might even get a visit from a noble, which will further increase your prestige points.<br><br>Still not sure what the game is about? Then check out this trailer for the digital edition and you should have a pretty solid grounding in gem-based salesmanship.<br><br> <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Splendor/feature.asp?c=78781'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Splendor/feature.asp?c=78781 Tue, 25 Sep 2018 13:01:44 GMT 61 games currently in soft launch on iOS and Android <img src="http://images.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/imgthumbs/na-jzwog/capture.jpg" width="200" alt="61 games currently in soft launch on iOS and Android" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> We're super fortunate to see such an abundance of gorgeous games released per week, but it's about time Pocket Gamer showed soft launched games a little love in list form. Ongoing, that is.<br><br>Without further ado, check out which titles are in soft launch right now.<br><br> <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Assassin%27s+Creed+Rebellion/feature.asp?c=75070'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Assassin%27s+Creed+Rebellion/feature.asp?c=75070 Tue, 25 Sep 2018 12:42:00 GMT What you missed on AppSpy last week (September 17th-21st) <img src="http://images.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/imgthumbs/na-jwuc/appspy-sunday-service-new.jpg" width="200" alt="What you missed on AppSpy last week (September 17th-21st)" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> You may or may not already know this, but Pocket Gamer has <a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJKOvdk-nVzDAFR_9MF64sw">its own dedicated YouTube channel called AppSpy</a>. You did and you're already subscribed? Oh, lovely! Have a great day!<br><br>But if you didn't, you may have missed the gorgeous array of content from last week, covering all the latest games, offering tips, and putting together lists of the best mobile games you can get your hands on.<br><br>Last week saw video man James taking a look at Where Shadows Slumber, Bike Unchained 2, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions.<br><br>Want to know more? Just hit the link below to see each of the videos. <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/AppSpy/feature.asp?c=78742'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/AppSpy/feature.asp?c=78742 Tue, 25 Sep 2018 10:00:48 GMT Here be Dragons is a dice-rolling strategy game full of monsters, salt water, and adventure <img src="http://images.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/imgthumbs/na-zbr/here-be-dragons-screenshot-a-victory-screen.jpg" width="200" alt="Here be Dragons is a dice-rolling strategy game full of monsters, salt water, and adventure" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> Sometimes a digital board game comes along that just screams awesome. And Here Be Dragons definitely fits into that category. It's a strategy battle game set before the journey of Columbus, and sees you trying to clear the sea of monsters.<br><br>Obviously everyone involved in such an endeavour is a little on the bonkers side. That's what happens when your day job involves taking down giant leviathans and kraken.<br><br>The monster-smashing here is turn-based, and there are plenty of dice rolls and other twists to make sure you stay engaged. Plus the game looks like it's taking place on an old map, which is a neat look indeed.<br><br>There's some pedigree behind the game as well. Marek Panczyk, the creator of the game, also developed the digital versions of Neuroshima Hex, Eclipse: New Dawn for <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Here+Be+Dragons/news.asp?c=78776'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Here+Be+Dragons/news.asp?c=78776 Tue, 25 Sep 2018 09:22:27 GMT Gold Award-winning Meteorfall's Demon update is ready to make your life hell <img src="http://images.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/imgthumbs/na-fndab/meteorfall-ios-wizard-adventurer-slime-skull.jpg" width="200" alt="Gold Award-winning Meteorfall's Demon update is ready to make your life hell" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> We've been waiting for Slothwerks to release its newest update for Meteorfall for a while, and the day is finally here. Grab the game on the <a href="http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/itunes/1269922212">App Store</a> or <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.slothwerks.meteorfall&hl=en_GB">Google Play</a> if you haven't already. <br><br>Just to catch you up quick, <a href="http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Meteorfall/review.asp?c=76502">Meteorfall</a> is an awesome solo deck-building card game which mashes together roguelike, RPG, and Tinder-style mechanics. You'll pick one of four adventurers and play through the game with their skills and abilities. <br><br>As I've <a href="http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Meteorfall/news.asp?c=78313">said before</a>, this new update is a biggie and focusses mainly on the new 'Demon' level of difficulty. After you've defeated the Uberlich, this difficulty level unlocks and you can continue making things harder and harder with every level you beat thereafter.  <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Meteorfall/news.asp?c=78770'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Meteorfall/news.asp?c=78770 Mon, 24 Sep 2018 16:13:01 GMT Earn yourself an upsetting amount of money in board game adaptation Stockpile for iOS and Android <img src="http://images.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/imgthumbs/na-tdjy/unnamed.jpg" width="200" alt="Earn yourself an upsetting amount of money in board game adaptation Stockpile for iOS and Android" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> What happens when you take the capitalistic tendencies of Monopoly to their logical conclusion? We reckon it's something like Stockpile, which has just landed on the App Store and Google Play Store.<br><br>Set at the end of the 20th century, it's a board game that sees you playing the stock market. Buy low, sell high, you know the sort of thing. But there are some other twists thrown in to make things more fun and less actually running a business.<br><br>It's a game of risk and reward, and considering carefully whether you should sell what you've got, or wait to see if you can cash it in for even more later in the game. There's three different levels of AI to take on, as well as asynchronous online and same-room multiplayer. <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Stockpile/news.asp?c=78759'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Stockpile/news.asp?c=78759 Mon, 24 Sep 2018 10:08:28 GMT New iOS and Android games out this week - Where Shadows Slumber, Cube Escape: Paradox, Ammo Pigs, and more <img src="http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/thumbs/na-pzxdeti_where-shadows-slumber-ios-snowy-mountain-bridge_png_100.jpg" width="200" alt="New iOS and Android games out this week - Where Shadows Slumber, Cube Escape: Paradox, Ammo Pigs, and more" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> Another week creeps past and we're almost at the end of it yet again. Before we get to put our feet up and play Spider-Man for 48 hours (don't judge me), let's have a look what new games we've got to enjoy this week.<br><br>Whether you're in the mood for a tricky puzzler, a pig-licious platformer, a curious card battler, or something different entirely, have a look through this list and see if something takes your fancy.<br><br> <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Where+Shadows+Slumber/news.asp?c=78735'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Where+Shadows+Slumber/news.asp?c=78735 Thu, 20 Sep 2018 16:18:00 GMT Hearthstone Deck Guide: Big Spell Mage <img src="http://images.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/imgthumbs/na-pnlfejp/league-explorers-ios-01.jpg" width="200" alt="Hearthstone Deck Guide: Big Spell Mage" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> Big Spell Mage is perhaps the best of several attempts to make the most of the Mage Death Knight card. Frost Lich Jaina is very powerful has proved too slow to be competitive. Especially since Ice Block got removed from Standard play.<br><br>The Boomsday expansion, though, gave the deck a few extra defensive pieces to make up for the gap. Right now it's one of the very best decks around.<br><br><strong>Card Choice</strong><br><br><ul><br><br><li>2 x Arcane Artificer</li><br><br><li>2 x Raven Familiar</li><br><br><li>2 x Polymorph</li><br><br><li>2 x Dragon's Fury</li><br><br><li>2 x Blizzard</li><br><br><li>2 x Meteor</li><br><br><li>2 x Astromancer</li><br><br><li>1 x Flamestrike</li><br><br><li>1 x Dragoncaller Alanna</li><br><br><li>1 x Frost Lich Jaina</li><br><br></ul><br><br><ul><br><br><li>2 x Doomsayer</li><br><br><li>1 x Gluttonous Ooze</li><br><br><li>1 x Voodoo Doll</li><br><br><li>2 x Bright-Eyed Scout</li> <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Hearthstone%3A+Heroes+of+Warcraft/feature.asp?c=78697'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Hearthstone%3A+Heroes+of+Warcraft/feature.asp?c=78697 Thu, 20 Sep 2018 10:00:00 GMT Review: Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War review - A Games Workshop take on Clash Royale <img src="http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/thumbs/na-ldgu_warhammer-age-of-sigmar-realm-wars-ios-review-screenshot-using-a-super-move_png_100.jpg" width="200" alt="Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War review - A Games Workshop take on Clash Royale" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> The midcore mobile MOBA isn't just a fine example of alliteration, it's also proven to be one of the most popular genres for developers to play around in. <a href="/r/iPad/Clash+Royale/review.asp?c=69269">That's mainly thanks to Clash Royale</a>, which set the template that almost every other game of that ilk follows.<br><br>And Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm Wars is no exception. Anyone who's played Supercell's smash hit is going to be instantly familiar with pretty much all of the mechanics that the game has to offer.<br><br>But there's enough going on in the game elsewhere, from gorgeous graphics to game-changing special characters, that it's worth checking out on its own merit.<br><br><strong>War-hammer, good god y'all</strong><br><br>The game is a one-on-one game of cards and slaughter. Each game lasts for three minutes, and you're aiming to score the most victory points by the end of that time. VP are given for destroying your opponent's tower, and for killing their hero. <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Warhammer+Age+of+Sigmar%3A+Realm+War/review.asp?c=78720'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Warhammer+Age+of+Sigmar%3A+Realm+War/review.asp?c=78720 Thu, 20 Sep 2018 08:55:27 GMT Missed the high kicks and low blows of our Onitama: The Board Game stream? Catch up right here <img src="http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/thumbs/na-opjv_onitama-the-board-game-ios-review-screenshot-the-start-of-a-game_png_100.jpg" width="200" alt="Missed the high kicks and low blows of our Onitama: The Board Game stream? Catch up right here" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> <a href="https://www.twitch.tv/videos/311685454?tt_content=text_link&tt_medium=vod_embed" style="padding:2px 0px 4px; display:block; width:345px; font-weight:normal; font-size:10px; text-decoration:underline;">Watch ONITAMA | iOS & Android Launch Stream from AsmodeeDigital on www.twitch.tv</a><br><br>It's okay, you don't need to make any sort of excuses or apologies to us. We know everyone's busy, we know everyone has got stuff to do, so we're really not that upset that you missed our Onitama: The Board Game Twitch stream last night.<br><br>However, it'd be really great if you could do us a favour and watch the video of the stream we've embedded above. You don't have to, we're not going to send the boys round if you don't, we just think it's a really good stream and you're going to enjoy it. <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Onitama%3A+The+Board+Game/news.asp?c=78711'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Onitama%3A+The+Board+Game/news.asp?c=78711 Wed, 19 Sep 2018 15:51:48 GMT Flipflop Solitaire is yet another clever card game twist from Zach Gage <img src="http://images.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/imgthumbs/na-diwgwr/flipflop-solitaire-ios-screenshot-1.jpg" width="200" alt="Flipflop Solitaire is yet another clever card game twist from Zach Gage" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> <em><strong>Welcome to <a href="/writer.asp?a=290&sec=11">Susan Arendt's</a> latest column on Pocket Gamer. In 2018 we've recruited the best writers and most experienced gamers in the industry and asked them to inspire us. Today Susan takes a look at Flipflop Solitaire, another clever card game from mobile genius Zach Gage...</strong></em><br><br>Zach Gage understands mobile games on, like, an atomic level. He just gets what makes something perfectly suited to being played on a phone, and regularly crafts elegant new takes on familiar games.<br><br>Spelltower doesn't reinvent the word game, it just makes it more beautiful and interesting. Really Bad Chess is... well, it's chess for people who can't stand chess. (Or at least who can find someone to play with who isn’t totally smug about winning.)<br><br>Sage Solitaire was a clever twist on ye olde phone standby of Klondike, but Flipflop Solitaire is something else altogether. It's the kind of thing you put on your phone and leave there forever. It's one of those games. <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Flip+Flop+Solitaire/feature.asp?c=78708'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Flip+Flop+Solitaire/feature.asp?c=78708 Wed, 19 Sep 2018 14:16:36 GMT Ever wanted to see James Gilmour pull off some sick kung fu moves? Well you're in luck then <img src="http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/thumbs/na-cbtpew_onitama-icon_png_100.jpg" width="200" alt="Ever wanted to see James Gilmour pull off some sick kung fu moves? Well you're in luck then" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> Wouldn't it be nice just to kick back for an hour and a half and watch someone else playing one of the best digital board games of the past few weeks? Wouldn't it be nice if that someone was James Gilmour, and that game was Onitama?<br><br>We really hope you answered yes to all of those questions, because in less than an hour, Mr. Gilmour is taking to Twitch to play Asmodee Digital's Silver Award-winning game of kung fu, chess, and strategy.<br><br>The game's great, <a href="/r/iPhone/Onitama%3A+The+Board+Game/review.asp?c=78610">and if you click here you can read our complete review</a>. We don't have a review of James on the site, but we're pretty sure if we did he'd be a Platinum Award winner. He's pretty good. <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Onitama%3A+The+Board+Game/news.asp?c=78693'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Onitama%3A+The+Board+Game/news.asp?c=78693 Tue, 18 Sep 2018 16:00:00 GMT The best hints and tips for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions for mobile <img src="http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/artwork/thumbs/na-lmguf_warhammer-champions_png_100.jpg" width="200" alt="The best hints and tips for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions for mobile" border="0" align="left" style="margin:5px 10px 10px 0px;"> One of the best things about <a href="/r/Board+Game/Warhammer+Age+of+Sigmar+Champions/review.asp?c=78663">Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions</a> is its individuality. This is a card game that isn't afraid to mix things up, and just because you've got some experience with other CCGs on mobile, that doesn't mean you're going to have a clue what's happening here.<br><br>And while that is a strength, it can leave you a little flustered when you first pick up the game. Don't worry though, because we're here to help.<br><br>In this guide we're going to walk you through everything you need to know about the game, and let you in on some secret strategies we've discovered. <br><br><strong><a href='http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Warhammer+Age+of+Sigmar+Champions/feature.asp?c=78675'>[read more]</a></strong> http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Board+Game/Warhammer+Age+of+Sigmar+Champions/feature.asp?c=78675 Tue, 18 Sep 2018 10:09:00 GMT