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Sony Xperia T

A little too late in the day?

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Jul 2012
Post count:
Solm | 12:42 - 19 February 2013
Bought the Xperia T at the weekend, so far I'm happy with it and for what you get it's not a bad price, considering the Iphone and Galaxy SIII are over two hundred euro more.
Feb 2011
Post count:
funtikar | 19:07 - 30 October 2012
I really like the new Xperia product line but I found that almost all of them lacking in battery life
Oct 2012
Post count:
@sy2pie | 13:29 - 27 October 2012
The xperia t beat certain quadcore phones in bench mark tests. Its dual core processor is new hardware from the s. Mainly because ics and Jb arent optimised for quad core phones.
Btw. Its camera beats anything other than the pureview sensors now days. Why do you think Apple buy sony cameras? Because they are the best. If your getting poor results using a sony camera in low light even with an exmor r sensor then maybe i should give you a lesson or two in basic digital camera functions lol.
I am really shocked that people think its design doesnt look very good. It looks sexy as hell. It reminds me of the xperia arc! IT balances perfect in your hand and is made of a rubber like materia so probably adds to grip and shock absorbs when dropped.
I cannot wait to own this fully and get the retro games up on the new ps store too. Sync it up to a ps3 pad and plug it in to a large hd tv via hdmi. Swish!
Actually, while im ona rant i also want to point out that this screen with the bravia engine gives really realistic colours. Unlike the radioactive super amoled screens which often suffer screen burn!
Under rated phone of the year i say! Its not about hardware now days. We have pretty much maxed that out. Its all about what a phone can do! Nfc, hdmi, ps store, sony cross compatability, unlimited music for £4pm. Win.