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Samsung launches another anti-Apple campaign, sends protesters to Apple Store

Tells iSheep to Wake up!

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Feb 2012
Post count:
Axe99 | 23:15 - 27 April 2012
Three things:

1) While I roll my eyes at the number of people that have jumped on the Apple bandwagon because it's trendy, rather than because of what their products can/can't do for the price, this kind of marketing is pretty dumb. While there are pros/cons to Apple products, they are legitimately good (if imo a dash overpriced) pieces of kit, and suggesting that someone owning one is asleep or a sheep is stretching it more than just a bit. Apple products do what they say they do well (they talk up their gaming prowess more than they should, but not serious gamer is likely to fall for it, and the casuals that enjoy it are having fun, so power to them :)).

2) I'm quite sure Samsung wouldn't complain if it had got the consumer mindshare that Apple's been lucky enough to get, and if they had got it, would be adding Apple's price premium to their products and people would be talking about SamSheep instead (or similar ;)).

3) Positive marketing always beats negative. Talk about what their snazzy new tablets/phones can do that sets them apart. Capture people's imaginations. Putting down Apple fans will hardly get them on-side. Show them something that the i-devices don't do (although, imo, the spec race on both sides is out of control - beyond battery life, neither need more power or better screens to do what they do well, and spending extra power on touch-only gaming is such a ridiculous waste of resources it's not worth rambling about - but people love specs, and so the race will continue a whiles longer...).
Apr 2010
Post count:
jeffyg3 | 00:55 - 27 April 2012
It's never a good idea for any company to make fun of fans of their competing company. Like in this situation, I'm going to get a different phone if the upcoming iPhone 6 this year doesn't have at least a 4 inch screen. I might have considered getting the next Galaxy III, but since Samsung has been making fun of and degrading Apple fans in their commercials, I have no intentions of ever getting a Galaxy phone, or in the matter of fact, any kind of Samsung product again, and if I had the money I would switch out my 55inch Samsung LCD for another brand.

If you really want to get fans away from another product to your own products, then it's extremely idiotic making commercials dissing those fans. It's very distasteful and I have no plans to ever supporting Samsung again.
Nov 2011
Post count:
Chivas77 | 19:51 - 26 April 2012
@Espekayen2 It's almost impossible to entice iOS users from Apple, "ecosystem" is more than just a buzz word, if someone has used an iOS device for at least a year, chances are they're paid for a load of apps. When that person then decides to move to Android, they're basically lost all the money spent on buying software, I think once you go either Android or iOS then you're pretty much locked in, sure you'll get the odd exception but 9 times out of 10 that person will just stick with the same "ecosystem".

I like my 4S but however I would be tempted to try something like the HTC One X, but switching to Android would just mean that I've lost all the content I've paid for over the years, which is actually a lot of money, having owned a 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 too, so I think I'll be on iOS for the forseeable future.

It's the same reason I stick with Windows 7 on my laptop, I've paid for MS Office, loads of games from Steam as well as loads of retail games etc switching to Mac or Ubuntu would mean all that down the drain.
Mar 2011
Post count:
Espekayen2 | 18:12 - 26 April 2012
Instead of wasting time and money with games, perhaps Samsung should "wake up" and come up with a product that is good enough to entice iDevice users away from Apple.
Apr 2012
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Wise old man | 16:15 - 26 April 2012
Personally, I think that Samsung have gone too far. "Normal" people, as in not tech experts" but Apple products because they are easy and look nice plus they do all they want.
Focus on making a good product not telling people to wake up.