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The 10 worst PSP games so far

Get back, foul creatures!

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May 2012
Post count:
liinxx | 16:42 - 4 May 2012
Gran Turismo...that game was terrrrible...I still have nightmares
Apr 2012
Post count:
kim.penaloza@yahoo.com | 13:13 - 16 April 2012
i think one of the worst games are naruto shippuden akatsuki rising. first of all, (if your a cheater) all (except money and lvl 99 naruto) the cwcheats will just freeze your game after a couple of seconds. second of all, the scenario game is so short (it only has 10 chapters), and 3rd of all it doesn't have any good jutsu (rasenshuriken, kirin, etc.)
Anonymous | 17:43 - 9 July 2010
I also think Motorstorm Arctic Edge is a very bad game. there are so many other games that are almost the same, except they are better. if you like this type of game you should get MX vs ATV on the edge. its much better than motorstorm arctic edge
Anonymous | 10:45 - 27 October 2009
Transformers the game is the WORST game i have ever played the graphics might be great but the gameplay sucks!I got bored playing with it in 1 day after i bought it!
Anonymous | 13:47 - 4 August 2009
Where is bomberman land? the story was absolutely horrible!
Anonymous | 23:18 - 8 July 2009
wtf, i hate that game
Anonymous | 04:54 - 5 July 2009
how did marvel get up there that game is better then the ten worst psp ganes
Anonymous | 14:26 - 6 May 2009
I personally nominate "The Simpsons Game" on the PSP as the worst PSP game ever made. The camera controls are the worst I have ever seen on ANY console game ever made! (And since I have played over 200 games in my lifetime, that is really saying something). Every time I go to jump somewhere, the camera automatically points in the opposite direction - and it refuses to be adjusted back to a suitable line of vision, so I have never any idea where I need to go and usually find myself falling to somewhere I didn't want to go (like off a cliff). Also, I find most of the missions very obscure, because I sometimes have a problem in trying to decide where I need to go next - because the game gives very bad hints in what missions need to be accomplished, or the place I need to go is not viewable because the camera keeps on changing positions constantly. About the only thing I found to like in this PSP version were the "cartoon shorts". Other than that, this game is a total-rip-off! You would think that such a popular show could have created a much better game than this. I mean, who were the jokers who actually TESTED the finished product?
Sep 2005
Post count:
Bigbear | 09:46 - 13 January 2007
Maybe we should make a top 10 lacklustre PSP conversions, or should that be a top 100?
Oct 2006
Post count:
Jester | 08:49 - 13 January 2007
Good list, but bit cruel to old talkman. it got 5/10, and pocket gamer has more than 10 other psp games rated lower. maybe you need to get counselling about that game

Hope people check out the top 10 best psp games of 2006. and I want to see the worst DS list (predicted number one: LEGO star wars!!)