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Apple’s 90 day App Store refund rumour confirmed

Read the contract right here

Product: iPhone news | Manufacturer: Apple
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A couple of hours ago we reported on Kotaku’s rumour about Apple’s contract stating that not only must developers offer a 90 day full refund on App Store products, but they must foot the bill for Apple’s commission.

We’ve since had this rumour confirmed by an established iPhone games developer, and we’ve taken a look at the offending passage in the new contract. Here it is:

“6.3 In the event that Apple receives any notice or claim from any end-user that: (i) the end-user wishes to cancel its license to any of the Licensed Applications within (90) days of the date of download of that Licensed Application by that end-user; or (ii) a Licensed Application fails to conform to Your Specifications or Your Product warranty or the requirements of any applicable law, Apple may refund to the end-user the full amount of the price paid by the end-user for that Licensed Application. In the event that Apple refunds any such price to an end-user, You shall reimburse, or grant Apple a credit for, an amount equal to the price for that Licensed Application. Apple will have the right to retain its commission on the sale of that Licensed Application, notwithstanding the refund of the price to the end-user.”

But, with the help of our covert developer buddy and a bit more digging, we discovered this passage was always in the Apple developer’s contract - it’s just gone pretty much unnoticed until Android’s 24 hour returns policy brought it to light.

Presumably, then, it isn’t as simple for users to claim their money back from the App Store as it is from the Market, since we’ve not heard of anyone landing an iPhone application refund.

It’s very interesting to know that the option’s there, however, should any mis-sold or systemically faulty games make it onto the App Store (and there have been one or two lately).

But neither does it change the fact that the option to ‘cancel the license’ within 90 days could be potentially disastrous for developers. It’s also quite ludicrous that Apple should be allowed to retain its commission on a refund, leaving the developer to lose money on every returned product.

Your thoughts on a postcard.

Reviewer photo
Spanner Spencer 24 March 2009
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Jan 2012
Post count:
none12 | 19:57 - 19 January 2012
That's good news ha ha Funzio sucks lol hope plyrs will get their money back from these thieves...
Anonymous | 05:37 - 17 October 2009
I have read the terms and conditions, it says all app store sales are final!
Where are you getting the 90 days from. How does it work out that a refund is requested in the first place?!!!
Anonymous | 21:28 - 24 March 2009
90 days!!! Geez! I could play a game, unlock all of its extras, play through it again and then sell it back. Sweet.
Anonymous | 17:01 - 24 March 2009
This is very unfair for the developers, Apple is offering a 90 days refund policy at the expense of the same people that brought the iphone ipod to the top ( the developers), 90 days is a way too long, even the competitor android is just offering 24h, so why would shoot on the developer ??? why would a developer loose money while Apple will make more and more profit on every refund ??? Lame...