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Vote in the Best App Ever Awards via the dedicated iOS app
by Peter Willington 31/1/2013
Product: Best App Ever
Manufacturer: Steel Media
Format: iPhone, iPad
Here's your friendly reminder that the voting process for the Best App Ever Awards - sponsored by Free App Slots - is almost at an end.

You've got until 8am GMT on February 1st to get your vote in via the Best App Ever Awards website.

However, if you're absolutely desperate for more time - we know how it is, everyone's busy these days - then never fear: you can download the dedicated Best App Ever Awards, err, app.

App-based voting closes on February 6th, you see, so go grab the bespoke Best App Ever Awards iOS application now.

For more information on how you can get any paid app for free via Free App Slots, visit the FreeAppSlots.com site on your iPhone or iPad.
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