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iPhone 4G rumours arrive: HD screen, multi-tasking, front-facing camera

Phoning it in

Product: iPhone 4 | Manufacturer: Apple
iPhone 4 iPhone, thumbnail 1
The Wall Street Journal is claiming that Apple "plans to release a new version of its current iPhone this summer," according to "people" briefed on the matter. The fourth generation smartphone will include a slew of updates and tweaks.

The Wall Street Journal's article focusses mainly on the fact that the new iPhone would work on a type of wireless network called CDMA,s suggest that US phone giant Verizon would support the iPhone and end AT&T's American iPhone monopoly.

But as soon as WSJ's article was posted around the internet, more rumours and speculation began to emerge. Engadget notes that the iPhone 4G's arrival wouldn't be a big shock for Apple fans, writing "if the Cupertino-based company keeps with its historical refresh pattern, we're just a few months out from seeing the latest and greatest iPhone."

The gadget news website said it was informed that the fourth generation device would be announced on June 22nd and is set to be named the iPhone HD on account of its high resolution screen.

Technology pundit John Gruber coroborated this revelation, saying the new device will sport a 960x640 display. The current iPhone display is 320x480, which is quite low compared to rival smartphones such as the Windows Phone 7 Series, which boasts a 800x480 screen.

Gruber's other tidbits, presented alongside his assessment that WSJ's entry into the iPhone 4G rumours game was "lame", included the A4-family CPU system-on-a-chip (similar to the iPad's processor), a front-facing camera and third-party multitasking.

Know Your Mobile has reported that Columbia iPhone repair service SmartPhone Medic is showing off the iPhone 4G's LCD and Digitizer assembly in a YouTube video. (Embedded below)

The video description says, "We have seen this assembly online before but when a very reliable source showed us that they had one we had to get it". The description continues "Of course we can't 100% guarantee that this will be the design for the iPhone 4G our sources are very confident that not much, if anything will change."

Shown against the 3G's fascia, the new screen is slightly longer and has a new hole next to the external speaker, presumably for the rumoured front-facing camera.


Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 30 March 2010
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Show: Latest | Oldest
Anonymous | 23:10 - 5 April 2010
The build of Apple products is good. My MacBook has been abused by me and has withstood all I have thrown at it.

The same goes for all versions of the iPhone I have owned although I have now switched to the HTC Desire as I enjoy the customisation from the OS.

It is good to see the other mobile phones catching up in terms of innovation and it will make a great year for smartphones and technology on the whole.

As Klouud mentioned, dont expect to see swappable batteries and SD cards. Apple tend to stay away from anything that can be replaced with 3rd party components for 2 reasons.

1. Potential loss of money.
2. Stability of the product.
Dec 2008
Post count:
klouud | 15:13 - 5 April 2010
Man... I need to edit my writing!

Paragraph 1 - my 3GS looks like new - my old 2.5g looked like crap
Paragraph 2 - *iPhones
Anonymous | 18:27 - 2 April 2010
Look, Apple is good and for all you haters, why do you bother post hate comments if you really hate Apple? I have a 3GS 16Gb and it is not as bad as you say, in fact it makes HD2 and Evo look like trash
Anonymous | 15:37 - 30 March 2010
"Technology pundit John Gruber coroborated this revelation, saying the new device will sport a 960x640 display. The current iPhone display is 320x480, which is quite low compared to rival smartphones such as the Windows Phone 7 Series, which boasts a 800x480 screen."

...yeah, or like basically any other smartphone have bigger screen than the current iPhone. Nokia touch smartphones are 640x360 at least, Sony Ericsson 640x360 and 800x480. HTC have 800x480 screens as well. I could go on.

The iPhone 4G looks kinda boring, compared to the upcoming Nokia N8 w. the spanking new Symbian^3 OS, or the new Android 2.1 HTCs, the SE Vivaz, X10 etc.

Seems the others have finally caught up to Apple. Let the competition begin :-)
Anonymous | 11:43 - 30 March 2010
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