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[Update] The best iPhone and iPad games with iOS 7 / MFi controller support
by Pocket Gamer staff 5/8/2014
Product: iOS controllers
Manufacturer: Apple
Format: iPhone, iPad
Updated on August 5th, at 17:35: This feature is long overdue an update, and with the news that upcoming iOS port BioShock will support MFi pads, we decided it was now or never.

We've done some spring cleaning, and added JoyJoy, Deathsmiles, R-Type, Blazing Star, Age of Zombies, Battle Supremacy, Meltdown, Republique, Shadowblade, and Powerpuff Girls.

And The Wolf Among Us, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Trilogy, Traps n' Gemstones, Badland, Godfire, Jet Set Radio, Super Crossfighter, Type:Rider, Clarc, Thomas Was Alone, Metal Slug 3, Fluid SE, Pivvot, and Impossible Road.

And Mikey Hooks, Bike Baron, 2-bit Cowboy, Leo's Fortune, Cordy 2, The King of Fighters '98 and '97, Big Action Mega Fight!, Final Fantasy IV, Across Age 2, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite, Secret of Mana, Flashout 2, Jet Car Stunts 2, and 2K Drive.

See, I said it needed an update.

So you've got yourself an MFi controller. Or you're thinking about buying one. Either way, you need to know what games actually work with the darn thing.

We've put together a list of games you should check out with your new joypad. It's not an exhaustive list but, like everything at Pocket Gamer, it's been heavily curated so it only contains the best games.

Some of these might require the extended controller, which has analogue sticks and more shoulder buttons. Check the individual App Store descriptions for more information on all that.






Leo's Fortune



Monster Hunter Freedom Unite


Thomas Was Alone


Metal Slug 3


Blazing Star


Ice Rage


King of Fighters 2012
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