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[Update] Here's a list of the best iPhone games with iOS 7 controller support
by Pocket Gamer staff 5/3/2014
Product: iOS controllers
Manufacturer: Apple
Format: iPhone, iPad
Updated on March 5th, at 14:14: We've updated the list with Real Racing 3.


Top pick: Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders [download]

A deep and exciting World War II flight sim with plenty of dogfighting action.


Top pick: Bastion [download]

Brilliant, gorgeous action-RPG that's every bit as good on iOS as it is on consoles.


Top pick: Limbo [download]

Dark and twisted black-and-white platformer full of traps, spiders, and death.


Top pick: Asphalt 8: Airborne

High-octane ridiculous racing with lots of flips, spins, and improvised shortcuts.


Top pick: Ravensword: Shadowlands [download]

Ravensword Shadowlands

A monster RPG, inspired by Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls games, with endless things to see, do, collect, and kill.


Top pick: King Oddball [download]

Kinda gross tongue-dangling physics-puzzler in which you smash stuff up.


Top pick: EVAC [download]

Neon-bright riff on the Pac-Man template with some neat ideas and plenty of replay value.


Top pick: Ice Rage [download]

Ice Rage

A lightweight but fun and addictive little twist on ice hockey from the guys behind MiniGore and Bike Baron.


Top pick: The King of Fighters-i 2012 [download]

King of Fighters 2012

A sharp revamp of the original arcade brawler, with loads of pugilists to pick from and both online and local multiplayer


Top pick: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Classic sandbox crime game in which you can do more things than you can in most of the rest of the App Store combined.
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