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iOOTP Baseball 2013
The devil's in the details
by Matthew Diener 17/4/2013
Product: iOOTP Baseball 2013
Developer: OOTP Developments
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Players: 1
Version: US
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What sort of baseball fan are you?

Are you the kind of casual fan who likes watching the odd game with a few beers and a couple of friends?

Or are you the sort who enjoys the byzantine, almost arcane, world of baseball statistics?

If your head is filled with batting averages, slugging percentages, and the names of players from the mid-'50s, then the latest instalment in the iOOTP Baseball series is probably just the game that you've been waiting for.

If it's not, well, read on, anyway.

Number crunching

As is the case in its predecessors, the iOOTP Baseball 2013 experience is a silent one. No flashy animations, no background music, no crowd noise. ...
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Fans of the scrolling-text style of iOOTP Baseball will be in their element in this edition. And while the gameplay itself remains familiar and unchanged, it may not prove quite compelling enough for all but the most ardent slugger fans
Audio/visual: 6
Gameplay: 7
Value: 7
Innovation: 7
Overall: 7
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