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Zombies vs. Dracula

Guts Gaming tells us about its latest slot machine offerings...

For: iPhone
Developers Corner submission by Developers Corner
Zombies vs. Dracula

If there would ever be a hypothetical showdown between a zombie and Dracula, who would you root for?

Dracula is based on the Romanian story from the mountainous region of Transylvania and the ferocious ruler, Vlad the Impaler. Zombies, on the other hand, stem from Haitian voodoo culture and the darkest roots of Africa. They both bear witness to the reanimation of a human corpse and their insatiable thirst for blood. These entities are both the walking dead and lethal. If you don’t know about zombies you can play zombies online slot game with Guts and see for yourself how these soulless creatures could never beat Count D himself.

The zombies will put up a good fight for sure, but the battle - in this article's opinion - can only be won by Dracula. Why? First of all Dracula has accumulated knowledge over centuries and is savvy enough to travel the world and feed not only on his victims blood, but their knowledge as well. There is nothing wrong with vampires brains once they have been converted into the afterlife. Zombies on the other hand remain as corpses with no real intelligence going for them. The zombies just exist in a state of perpetual feeding frenzy and are mere corpses walking aimlessly in search of prey. They do not hunt. Zombies online slot machine is quite possibly more exciting than the zombies themselves.

Dracula does hunt though, and he hunts with great finesse. He won't draw blood from just anybody, and all humans turned into vampires keep all their faculties and gain knowledge as the decades and centuries pass.

So explore Dracula online slot machine if you're a fan of the dark side, as it will show you a glimpse of the lair and life of the true emperor of darkness. The best part is you can even play slot machine games for free as both Zombies and Dracula have their own dedicated fans. Don’t get me wrong, Zombies are nerve-breakingly scary - especially in large numbers.

Many hardcore zombie-fans have become zombie experts through the many Zombie movies produced though, and they may inevitably disagree on this article's verdict on Zombies vs. Dracula.

There are seriously devoted fans on both sides of course, and the debate will continue to rage. Online slot machines merely add to the long line of both Zombie and Dracula-themed razzmatazz. Ask yourself this simple question. Would you rather flee from a zombie or Dracula? Can zombies fly and shape-shift and glamour you? Nope! That is why our vote goes to the Wallachian legend. With his sharpened incisors, black cloak and irresistible charm, it is hard to refuse him. Zombies on the other hand have no charisma whatsoever.

Either way, we would much rather enjoy the slot machines than actually witness such an epic faceoff.

DISCLAIMER: This article has been submitted via the PG Business Network and does not represent the views of Pocket Gamer.

Published on 23 February
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