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Year Walk receives a new creepy Christmas teaser trailer
by Matthew Diener 11/12/2012
Product: Year Walk
Developer: Simogo
Publisher: Simogo
Format: iPhone
Genre: Adventure
If good horror is subtle and slow to develop, then the upcoming Year Walk by Swedish indie studio Simogo will be one of the best horror games ever.

Revealed back in September, Year Walk's announcement followed a summer of Simogo teasing its fans with riddles and hints about the project.

After lifting the veil on the game, Simogo's co-founder Simon Flesser described Year Walk as a "first person 2D adventure about folklore, strange creatures, and maybe a little bit of the occult."

Enter, the teaser

This past Halloween, Simogo released a new teaser for Year Walk but didn't reveal any major hints or updates as to what players can expect from the game.

Now, just two weeks before Christmas, Simogo released yet another teaser trailer that's equally low in content but equally high in creepiness.

Considering that Simogo has already won Pocket Gamer Gold and Silver awards, there's good reason to be excited about Year Walk - we just wish they'd open up a bit more about what we can expect from the project.

Year Walk is expected to be released this winter, so a launch window of early 2013 seems likely.

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