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Try and outrun enormous invertebrates in 2D endless-runner Worm Run
by James Gilmour 18/2/2013
Product: Worm Run
Developer: Golden Ruby Games
Publisher: Golden Ruby Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Arcade, Endless running
Golden Ruby Games's Worm Run is one of that new breed of Kickstarter-funded projects. Yeah, you've heard all about them, haven't you. Thought so.

Well, this particular Kickstarter-backed game is an endless-runner, and it will be charging onto the App Store this Thursday.

In this forthcoming procedurally generated sprint-a-thon, you'll guide space janitor Zeke Tallahassee through tunnels in an effort to escape a gigantic ravenous worm.

As you might expect, Tallahassee's escape route is full of platforms, lava pits, and other hazardous obstacles.

In contrast to Worm Run's retro 2D visuals, the game features a decidedly modern control system, with the two-man Golden Ruby team opting for a gesture-based control scheme rather than the standard floating D-pad.

Having exceeded its modest Kickstarter goal of $3,200 and hit its first stretch goal, Worm Run's creator will include some alternative costumes for its caretaker protagonist.

If you want to recreate that bit in Dune (you know the bit) on your iPhone or iPad, you can pick up Worm Run for 69p / 99c from Thursday.

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