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Word Roll is a free multiplayer word game with points-stealing and word-locking that's out right now for iPad and iPhone
by Harry Slater 16/5/2014
Product: Word Roll
Developer: NoSixFive
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Multiplayer, Word game
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There are plenty of asynchronous word games on the App Store, and while Word Roll isn't the finest example of the genre, it's got enough of a twist in its tail to make it worth a look.

To all intents and purposes the game is Scrabble, but there's a point nabbing meta-game going on that means you have to think a little more carefully about what you're doing.

Using letters from the words your opponent has already placed steals points from them and adds them to your score.

You can block your opponent from stealing your points by using letters you've already placed to lock the words in your colour.

It adds a frisson to the game that makes it that little bit more exciting than most of the current crop of word-placing games.

Word Roll is free to download and you can have up to five games on the go at once. Buying a 69p / 99c IAP lets you play unlimited games.
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