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Incoming! Our 18 most anticipated iOS and Android games for November

Sailors! Scrolls! Monkeys! Bitcoins!
Product: Upcoming iOS games | Publisher: Steel Media Ltd | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Upcoming iOS games iPhone, thumbnail 1
November is set to be a huge month for mobile games. From Simogo's new game, to massive PC ports, to unsung indie entries, there's something for everyone.

There's also another huge iOS game on the way, but the developer has sworn us to secrecy. Let's just say, November is going to be big and here are 18 very convincing reasons.

As ever, these dates are as accurate as possible at the time of publication. Don't blame us if a game slips into December (or beyond).

The Sailor's Dream
By Simogo - coming to iOS on November 6th

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An engrossing audio-visual adventure, that has you exploring a tiny archipelago and piecing together a story from some fractured memories. It's Simogo's (Beat Sneak Bandit, DEVICE 6) least gamey game yet, but its most intriguing.

Offroad Legends 2
By DogByte Games - coming to iOS and Android in November

Offroad Legends 2

Big darn dirty Monster Truck platformer Offroad Legends - which provided "simple physics-based gameplay and occasionally hilarious crashes" says Harry - is getting a sequel with more cars and MFi controller support.

Majestic Nights
By Epiphany Games - coming to iOS and Android in November

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A neon-tinged, isometric adventure set in a world of cover-ups and conspiracies. There will be combat, stealth, and puzzles as you uncover the story across a six chapter, episodic release schedule.

Icewind Dale
By Beamdog - coming to iOS in November

Icewind Dale

Beamdog did a pretty good job of resurrecting the Baldur's Gate games for mobile. Now it's back with another monster PC RPG from the hazy alien landscape we call "the past". This one's already on Android, but the iOS version is due soon.

The Taekwondo Game
By Hello There - coming to iOS in November

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Boxing, karate, and the ancient martial art of turtle power get a lot of video game screen time, but fists-and-feet fighting style Taekwondo is sorely underrepresented. This handsome and aptly-named simulator should fill that gap.

By Mojang - coming to iOS and Android in November

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How do you follow up a worldwide phenomenon like Minecraft? With a strategy-heavy collectible card game inspired by traditional board games, of course! That's Mojang's plan, and it will bring turn-based battler Scrolls to mobile this month.

Space Age
By Big Bucket - coming to iOS in November

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A charming astronaut adventure, inspired by science fiction from the 50s and 60s. You start the game by exploring an alien planet, but the story quickly takes a turn for the bizarre, and you'll suspect that there's more to this place than first meets the eye…

By SongArc - coming to iOS in November

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SongArc proudly calls itself "the best music game on Windows Phone", though that's like calling yourself the most famous female baker in all of Scunthorpe. We'll see how this music game, which lets you tap along to your own tunes, fares on the international stage of iOS and Android.

Crossy Road
By Hipster Whale - coming to iOS on November 20th

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A simple Frogger-inspired endless runner about dodging traffic and making distance. It wouldn't be so addictive if it weren't for the gashapon machine that lets you unlock new blocky creatures to play as.

Monkey Racing
By Drakkar Dev - coming to iOS and Android on November 6th

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Monkey Boxing creator Drakkar Dev may have a thing for monkeys. But who are we to judge. Its latest is a charming cartoon kart racer, about various simian drivers competing in tiny go karts. You also have weapons and customisable cars.

Rebels & Redcoats
By Hunted Cow Studios - coming to iPad on November 6th

Rebels and Redcoats

Prolific iOS dev Hunted Cow Studios is now bringing Decision Games's board games to iPad. Its first collaboration is 1995's War of Independence game Rebels & Redcoats which received a muted 6.5 from Board Game Geek. Eh, could be good.

Briquid Mini
By Gamious - coming to iOS on November 6th

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A new phone-friendly remake of forgotten iPad puzzler Briquid, with brand new stages and a bold new look. The game is all about redirecting water, by smashing up bricks, so it flows into special zones. I played a little in Germany and it's a-ok.

Sweet Drmzzz
By Bart Bonte - coming to iOS and Android on November 6th

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What happens when you fall asleep? According to innovative game maker Bart Bonte, a tiny mini-you pops out your ear, rides your alarm clock into the stratosphere, and gets into cosmic adventures with space snakes. Sounds about right.

A Mechanical Story
Coming to iOS on November 5th

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This game has you fixing a robot friend, by plopping the right gears, pistons, and cogs into his internal organs. Unlike Amazing Alex, though, the game keeps playing in real-time and you have to apply your fixes while the mechanics are whirring away which makes things tense and tricky.

By Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis - coming to iOS and Android on November 6th

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With Synonymy, you can have Richard Dawkins talk to you about something other than God being a make believe delusion for children. Instead, he talks you through this game which is about navigating from one word to another, and using synonyms as your pathway.

Wars and Battles
By Battle Factory - coming to iPad and Android in November

Wars and Battles

Wars and Battles will probably be a sharp strategy game about soldiers and tanks, duking it out on a hex-based grid. I'm not so interested in that - I like the visual style, which actually emulates the artificial world of a tabletop board game, complete with plastic figures.

By Joost van Dongen - coming to iOS in November

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In play, wire-racer Proun is a twitchy arcade avoid-em up like Pivvot and Super Hexagon. But instead of using the boring electro music and neon-dipped aesthetic, it has a jazz soundtrack and art inspired by Piet Mondrian. C-c-c-culture bonus!

Bitcoin Billionaire
By FizzPow Games and Noodlecake - coming to iOS in November

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And finally, Noodlecake takes on screen-tapping time-wasting wealth-accumulation games with a game about mining bitcoins. As your crypto-currency fortunes rise, you'll be able to deck out your pixel art bedroom with rad toys. Is it satire, or just another cow clicker? We'll find out.

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 3 November 2014
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