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AppSpy's Eye on the App Store will be streaming this week's best new iOS releases on Twitch at 5pm GMT / 9am PST
by Danny Russell 26/3/2014
Product: Twitch news
Manufacturer: Twitch Interactive
Format: iPhone, iPad

AppSpy's back.

Roguishly handsome spy duo James and Peter are going to bring the flavour and show you how some of this week's new games are going to play.

This week's set to be a good'n, with the boys lining up a fine selection of titles that won't be out on the App Store until midnight.

Blasts from the past

Today you can expect:

...and maybe a sneaky peek at another game or two. Who knows with spies like these?

In case you missed last week’s 'Eye on the App Store' you can still have a gander at it over here while you wait for the show to kick off.

Remember to tune in shortly either here or on AppSpy's Twitch channel - they'll be going live at 5pm GMT / 9am PST!

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