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Out at midnight: Trouserheart slices through goblins in his underpants to reclaim his stolen trousers
by Chris Priestman 25/9/2013
Product: Trouserheart
Developer: Dicework Games
Publisher: 10tons
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action
Just under a month ago, we reported on a silly action-adventure game called Trouserheart that would be available on iOS sometime this month.

Well, the moonlight shall shine bright on the red-headed King tonight, for Trouserheart will be landing at midnight.

It's a lighthearted tale of one King Trouserheart, who sets off across a dangerous fantasy land in nothing but his underpants in order to reclaim his stolen leather trousers.

You'll have to fight goblins, slay big bosses, and hoard as much gold as possible so you can upgrade your sword, shield, and armour. If you're finding it too easy, there's an optional permadeath mode, by the way.

We've been informed that Trouserheart will be making its way to Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and Mac at a later date.

You'll notice in the Trouserheart video above that controller support is, well, more than hinted at.

As all good reporters would in this situation, I reached out to Trouserheart publisher 10tons for more info on that teased iOS 7 controller support.

Lo and behold, the Finnish firm swiftly got back in touch to tell me that support for iOS 7 controllers will be included next week in Trouserheart's first update.

Trouserheart itself will be available for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch at midnight tonight, priced £1.99 / $2.99.
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