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Kill axe chumps and fish blobs to reclaim your land in Tower Dwellers for iOS
by Chris Priestman 19/11/2013
Product: Tower Dwellers
Publisher: Eccentricity Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Tower defence
To paraphrase one-hit wonder Chumbawamba: if you get knocked down, then you must get back up again.

And that 'Tubthumping' mantra is precisely the kind of philosophy Eccentricity is actively encouraging in its new tower defence iOS game Tower Dwellers.

You take command of a small batch of heroic survivors that have seen the rest of their population wiped out and their land taken over.

Who are to blame for this? Well, just the usual band of baddies and no-gooders. Axe chumps, man-bears, vultures, and fish blobs, to name but a few of the quirky cast.


Despite those silly names, Tower Dwellers is, alas, a pretty typical tower defence game.

You create a tower to house soldiers, whom you can then order to stand along the road running through the centre of the map.

By constructing a blacksmith's workshop, you can improve your soldiers' armour and weapons. You can build other towers in later levels to add mages and archers to your growing army.

When ready, you set off the trigger for enemies to walk along the road so that your army may kill them all. You trade kills for money so you can create more buildings. By winning a battle, you reclaim a part of the land.

You can help out your army by raining chicken bombs on the enemy, healing your soldiers with a potion, or freezing the enemies so they move slower.

If all of that takes your fancy, Tower Dwellers is available on the App Store right now for £2.49 / $3.99. It will be available on Android and Windows Phone in the near future.
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