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New editing tools, revamped file system, bug fixes, and more in massive update to Topia World Builder
by Harry Slater 30/4/2013
Product: Topia World Builder
Developer: Glenn Corpes
Publisher: Crescent Moon Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
A huge update has landed on the verdant fields and arid wastelands of Glenn Corpes's Bronze Award-winning iOS game Topia World Builder.

Chief among the new additions are the Scale, Offset, and Smooth tools, which enable you to play with the terrain on a global scale.

Players rocking older iOS devices will be relieved to read that there's going to be a lot less slowdown when they're painting stretches of land into existence.

Yep, Glenn Corpes has only gone and better optimised the Topia World Builder experience for older iPhones and iPads. Good lad.

There are now new Preset Worlds from which to choose in Topia World Builder. Furthermore, tree planting is now possible.

Throw in a simpler save system that doesn't take up as much space as it used to and an intriguing new invention called "potential grass", and you've got a shinier, deeper world creation system to get your teeth into.

You can even import image files and create worlds based on them. You can find more info about that particular feature on the developer's blog. Be warned, though, folks: it sounds pretty complicated.

The mahoosive update to Topia World Builder is live on the App Store right now. What are you waiting for, cowboy?
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