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Top 10 best iPhone farm games

Sort the weeds from the flowers
Product: Top 10 iPhone charts | Format: iPhone
Top 10 iPhone charts iPhone, thumbnail 1
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the bigwigs behind Zynga's social hit FarmVille should feel positively adored.

Freemium dig-'em-up FarmVille has had more copies, homages, clones, and blatant rip-offs than Pocket Gamer has had nutritionally questionable dinners.  

Simulating the life of a farmer, these generally free social games task you with sowing, harvesting, and selling crops, while helping your friends and sending gifts.

Nobody knows why FarmVille and its imitators are so addictive. That's a question for a future Nobel prize-winner to ponder.

For now, here are ten of the iPhone's best FarmVille-alikes.

Zombie Farm

The Playforge's Zombie Farm is one of the iPhone's best FarmVille-esque games, offering a new twist on tried and tested gameplay.

When you're sick of planting carrots and you can't bare to look at another cabbage, you can try your hand at growing brain-hungry zombies - used to invade neighbouring farms and cities.

If you aren't content with just zombies, you can decorate your farm with grave stones and mausoleums. 

Zombie Farm
is updated regulary with new features and seasonal themed items. It's a universal app that allows you to play on multiple devices while maintaining your progress. 

Download Zombie Farm

Green Farm

Green Farm is Gameloft's foray into the iPhone's social farming circle, but you can also play it on your iPad, or through Facebook.  

Green by name and green by nature, Green Farm allows you to utilise renewable energy sources such as solar panels and electric windmills, and to plant organic crops.

You can link up with friends to assist them, or just while away the hours with a selection of mini-games.

You also have the ability to pursue gardening, or carpentry, and even employ robots to do your dirty work.

Download Green Farm

Farm Story

An entry in TeamLava's popular 'Story' franchise, Farm Story features a whopping 150 varieties of fruit, veg, and flowers to plant, water, and harvest. These range from run of the mill strawberries to the exotic Red Quinoa.

Farm Story is a universal app, and it's updated every week with new crops, animals, decorations, and buildings.

If you're feeling a little mushy, you can even download Farm Story's special Valentine-themed spin-off, which contains exclusive love-filled missions to complete. 

Don't forget - you can visit your friends, take photographs, and share them with your buddies through Facebook. 

Download Farm Story
Download Farm Story: Valentine's Day 

Papaya Farm

Papaya Farm took a short hiatus from Apple's App Store last year, before popping up in the Android Market, and finally reappearing with cross-platform play. 

Through the game's own Papaya social network you can set up a profile, create an avatar, and converse with other players in a variety of chat rooms.

Papaya Farm features over 100 different crops, the ability to run your own animal-filled ranch, and the morally-dubious ability to steal from your neighbours' lands.

Download Papaya Farm
Check out Pocket Gamer's beginners' guide to Papaya Farm

We Rule Quests

ngmoco's We Rule Quests combines kingdom construction, farming, and the ability to undertake quests - with new missions added each week.

You can decorate your kingdom with over 300 buildings and decorations, visit a friend's territory using ngmoco's own Plus+ social network, and order supplies from their businesses.

You can even play on the iPhone's bigger brother, the iPad.

If you're a creative soul, there are several easy-to-use tools at your disposal, allowing you to redesign your kingdom until your heart's content. 

Download We Rule Quests
Download We Rule Quests for iPad 

Glee Garden

New release Glee Garden is the cutest title of the bunch, sporting soft pastel colours.

Taking a no-nonsense approach to farming, you'll be doing little else, though you do have the ability to spruce up your farm with gnomes, water fountains, and Chinese lanterns. 

As you plant, water, and harvest crops, you'll be able to leave your small starter garden and take up residence in a castle courtyard, on a country cliff, or in a sky garden - each increasing the nutritional value of your soil.

Download Glee Garden  


is the daddy of farming titles and is one of the most popular entries in Zynga's 'Ville' series of games.

You can plant and master a variety of real and fictional crops and trees, use seeders and tractors to speed up the process, and purchase animals such as ducks and pigs.  

Your friends are a big part of the FarmVille experience and you can visit them daily to help them on their farm. You can also send and receive gifts, ask for vital supplies, and share produce. 

Play through Facebook and you can breed pigs, run a Winery, dig duck ponds, plant orchards, and even accomplish farming tasks with your buddies.

Download FarmVille
Play FarmVille on Facebook

Smurfs' Village

Capcom's Smurfs' Village is the iPhone's most infamous social title, due in no small part to its in-app purchase debacle. It revolves around the building of an entirely new Smurf habitat.

Under the guidance of Papa Smurf, you'll plant a variety of crops, play a selection of mini-games to create bread and other items, and interact with all of your favourite Smurfs.

You can play both online and offline, send gifts to friends through Facebook and Game Center, or take advantage of Smurfs' Village's universal status by playing it on your iPad's larger screen.

Download Smurfs' Village
Check out Pocket Gamer's beginners' guide to Smurfs' Village

Farm Life: Spring

Recently updated Farm Life: Spring focuses on growing crops to create products, which you can sell for a high profit.

If you become bored of planting, you can decorate your farm or create flower arrangements to send to your friends.

Several permanent and limited-time quests require your skilled-hands and expertise, and range from selling flavoured pies to harvesting and selling crops.

You even have the ability to automate your farm, meaning you can continue to progress without lifting a green finger.

Download Farm Life: Spring

Rule the Sky

Set on a floating island known as Flotia, Rule the Sky invites you to construct a village and farm your way to success.

Farmland, crops, and trees are all unlocked as you progress up the levels, with more than 80 buildings and decorations to purchase.

Rule the Sky features a changing background based on your geographical location and timezone, and the ability to squeeze passing clouds to make it rain - fertilising your crops.

You can also connect to NEST, the game's own social gaming network and search for your friends on Facebook. A separate HD iPad version of the game is also available. 

Download Rule the Sky
Download Rule the Sky for iPad

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Anthony Usher 23 May 2011
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