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The Pocket Gamer Free Game Advent Calendar: December 23rd
by Harry Slater 23/12/2013
Product: Tiny Thief
Developer: 5 Ants
Publisher: Rovio
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Puzzle

It's basically Christmas now, so most of the Pocket Gamer crew are drunk on their favourite festive tipple. I'm downing shots of screenwash laced with ground-up Ferrero Rocher and a brandy butter chaser.

Fear not, though, because we've still got enough cognitive faculties left to point you in the direction of some bargains.

Today's Advent calendar entry is the Bronze Award-winning re-invented point-and-click adventure charm chasm Tiny Thief.

At review, we called it "a charming reduction of the point-and-click adventure, though its charm and polish cover over some pretty basic trial-and-error gameplay".

Charm, charm, charm, charm, charm. Tiny Thief is free on the App Store right now. Go!
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