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Tiny Thief complete walkthrough: Chapter 1 - A Rumbling Stomach

Follow these guides to find out how to get all 3 stars
Product: Tiny Thief | Developer: 5 Ants | Publisher: Rovio | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle
Tiny Thief iPhone, thumbnail 1
Tiny Thief - the new Rovio Stars game - presents a series of cartoon vignettes, which mix sneaky stealth gameplay, with tricky point-and-click puzzles.

You play as a pint-size burglar, who must use cunning and guile to pinch a specific object.

You can also nab other items, and find your stoat pal, along the way. The more things you find, the more stars you earn.

These guides will tell you how to get 3 stars on any stage in the game. Just follow our instructions, and you'll walk away with your pockets full of junk.

Chapter 1 - A Rumbling Stomach (Below)
Chapter 2 - A Corrupt Sheriff
Chapter 3 - The Cursed Treasure
Chapter 4 - A Royal Rescue
Chapter 5 - Rattling Bones
Chapter 6 - Bewitched

Chapter 1 - A Rumbling Stomach

This chapter sees our stealthy hero try to satiate his grumbly belly, by pinching cheese, fish, pumpkins, and more.

1–1 - A Cheesy Plan

A Cheesy Plan

To Steal a Thief Take the stinky cheese from the crate, and drop it on the table next to the soldier. He will turn green and run off the screen.

To Steal a Thief Open the glass jar and retrieve the prize cheddar.

To Steal a Thief Tap on the juggler to make him drop a piece of fruit into the bowl below. Do it again. And again. Now take the bowl.

To Steal a Thief Put the bowl in the furnace to cook yourself a cupcake. Looks delicious!

To Steal a Thief Wait for your ferret pal to poke his head out of these potatoes. Give him a tap to finish up the level. Now you can exit to the right.

1–2 - A Starving Friend

A Starving Friend

To Steal a Thief Hop out of the barrel and untie the rope. Quickly leap back into the barrel, before the guard sees you. He will now run off the screen, chasing the dog.

To Steal a Thief Pick up the sandwich. But don't exit the level just yet.

To Steal a Thief When this little lute player takes a break to drink some milk, tap on his instrument to make it fall to the floor. Now pick it up and jam it in your pocket.

To Steal a Thief Finally, wait for your ferret pal to poke his head from out of this archway to finish the level. To the exit!

1–3 - Bait the Hook

Bait the Hook

To Steal a Thief Tap this crab to make him jump out of the basket and onto the floor. Hop out of the barrel and pick him up.

To Steal a Thief Grab this fishing rod, and then hotfoot it up the nearby ladder.

To Steal a Thief Stand above the big fish, and you should see a prompt to use the fishing rod. Tap this to hook the trout and pinch it.

To Steal a Thief Tap on this oyster shell twice to make it drop a pearl onto the ground. Now go down the ladder and collect it - but only when the guard is not looking.

To Steal a Thief When you're safe from the guard's prying eyes, wait for your ferret to poke out of this barrel, and give him a tap. Done. Exit the level and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

1–4 - Pumpkin Soup

Tiny Thief

To Steal a Thief Jump out of the barrel and go grab a carrot from this market stand.

To Steal a Thief Feed the carrot to this horse, and he will now let you stand on his back. Jump on, and you'll clamber up the flag. The guard will also start moving left and right.

To Steal a Thief Tap the bird to make it fly away, and then pinch its egg.

To Steal a Thief Jump down the other flag, and into hay cart below. Now, when the guard is not looking, jump out, grab the pumpkin, and get back in the hay again.

To Steal a Thief Jab your finger into this jam jar to make it fall. Wait for the guard to turn around and then jump out, grab the jar, and hightail it back to the hay cart.

To Steal a Thief The ferret is hiding in these oranges. When he looks out, give him a tap to finish all your objectives. When the guard is looking away, leap out of the hay and finish the stage.

1–5 - A Sad Piggy

Tiny Thief

To Steal a Thief Roll this watermelon a number of times, until it is covering the right-most mole hill.

To Steal a Thief Now stand on the other mole hill. The mole will appear, giving you a handy boost and access to the rabbit hutch above. Take the rabbit to put him on the tree stump.

To Steal a Thief Take the chicken, and then quickly grab the jar on the table. Hide in the barrel behind the guard until he goes back to his usual spot. Now exit the barrel.

To Steal a Thief Put the jar on this tree stump. Now you can climb up the tree without the raccoon knocking you off. As such, you'll grab the balloon and put it in your pocket.

To Steal a Thief Tie the balloon to the rabbit. This will start a series of events that will see the guard get chased into the house by this goose.

To Steal a Thief Open this window to let the goose inside. The man will drop a bottle of milk out of the window. Take it.

To Steal a Thief A woodpecker should be sat on this tree now. Give him a few taps until he lands at the base of the tree, hammers it a few times, and makes a ball drop out of the right hole. Grab that ball.

To Steal a Thief The ferret will appear out of the left mole hole, now. When he appears, give that cheeky chap a tap.

To Steal a Thief Grab the chicken again. This time she will lay an egg for you to collect.

To Steal a Thief Finally, unhook the pig to finish all your objectives and finish the level. Done!


Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 11 July 2013
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