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Tiny Space Adventure

For: iPhone   Also on: iPad

Hardly a vacuum

Product: Tiny Space Adventure | Developer: Alexandre Minard | Publisher: Alexandre Minard | Format: iPhone | Genre: Adventure, Casual, Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: Europe | App version: 1.3
Tiny Space Adventure iPhone, thumbnail 1
Space: it's, like, super-dangerous. Tiny Space Adventure is a point-and-click / puzzle game hybrid that exemplifies how easy it is to get annihilated when you're far from home. Trick doors, giant lasers, falling rocks, grasping tentacles - Tiny Space Adventure has it all, and it's all out to kill you.

When the thimble-sized heroes of Tiny Space Adventure land on an alien planet, they set out to find a way home. The asteroid-like terrain is divided into several levels, each of which is littered with doors, only one of which ever leads to the exit. 

Adventures with aliens

"I told you we shouldn't have let the dog drive."

Despite the "Adventure" in its title, Tiny Space Adventure is less about pointing-and-clicking and more about memorising. Hazards are thick in every level, and turning off said hazards requires you to toggle switches and push buttons.

Entering a door may bring you to another, blocked door, but it may also bring you to the switch that turns off the laser gate barring said door.

But once the portal is open, you need to remember the series of doors you used to find the locked door in the first place. A misremembered turn might land you in a trap, in the arms of an enemy, or even way up in the air with nothing to catch you except the hard, hard ground below.

Tiny Space Adventure is a cute, quality variation of the classic Pelmanism flip-card game. Of course, if you mess up in Pelmanism, the consequences aren't dire - you just flip the mismatched cards back over and try again.

Big danger in tiny space

By comparison, Tiny Space Adventure is not a forgiving game. If you mess up - and you will - you're sent back to the beginning of the stage with every trap re-activated and every enemy restored. It's frankly infuriating to start from square one after slowly inching your way across a series of solutions.

"One of these has got to be the washroom--"

Of course, players who adore a challenge will probably use Tiny Space Adventure's punishment as motivation to pay extra close attention to their terrain so that they won't screw up even once.

And it should be noted that it's rare for Tiny Space Adventure to be outright unfair. When you tap on the screen, your space man moves to that spot and doesn't budge an inch farther until you tell him to. He won't enter doors or push switches unless you give him explicit instructions to do so.


It should be noted, however, that the larger, zoomed-out levels can be a bit harder to work your way around if you're playing on a small-screen device. The larger your screen, the better, as is the case with most games that call for precise taps.

Tiny Space Adventure is a sometimes-brutal test of your memory, but if you keep on forgetting where you put your car keys (check on top of the fridge), a little bit of a workout may be what you need. Just refrain from chewing on your device when you make a mistake and die inches away from the exit.
Tiny Space Adventure
Reviewer photo
Nadia Oxford | 10 April 2014
Tiny Space Adventures tests your memory (and sometimes your patience), but it's consistently cute and enjoyable
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