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All 20 games from the Very Big Indie Pitch at Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2017

San Fran is the place to bay.
Product: The Very Big Indie Pitch | Publisher: Steel Media Ltd | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
The Very Big Indie Pitch iPhone, thumbnail 1
Well, we can't have a Pocket Gamer Connects without throwing our usual Very Big Indie Pitch. If you're not sure what that is, it's when mobile developers from all over the place come together to show off their games (and maybe win one of the big prizes on offer) to a panel of knowledgeable judges.

This time around we saw a mixture of awesome games. From simple shooters to perplexing puzzlers, we had our work cut out for us. Alas, there could only be one winner overall and that was Terra Genesis by Edgeworks Entertainment. 

Though you can find out more about Terra Genesis and the runners-up, Audio Sky and Z War 1, let's take a look at the full list of entrants. 

By: Edgeworks Entertainment.
Out on: iOS.

dynamically animates entire planets with changing biospheres, all based on real data from NASA. Explore the surface of the all new Dwarf Planets, colonize alien worlds, and spread life across the universe in epic games with Biospheres finally available for you to grow your own civilizations.

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Audio Sky

By: HIGHKEY Games.
Coming to: iOS/Android/Mac/PC/VR late 2017.

Create and share music with others in this rhythm-based game. Lay down a fresh beat to kick off the creation of your planet and add more instruments into the mix as you go. By visiting other people's creations and successfully playing them through, both parties can win some neat rewards. 

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Z War 1 : The Great war of the Dead

By: Ether Games.
Coming to: iOS/Android late 2017.

Shoot some undead scum and defend your turf in this base-defending shooter. Fire off your machine gun but don't let it overheat, and keep an eye on potential shell attacks, aerial strikes, and when you'll need to use your gas masks. 

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Incredible Water

By: Yarki Studios
Out on: Android

Incredible Water is a free puzzle-platformer game about a tiny drop of water which explores the world by using its abilities. With 100 levels on offer, you can fly like a cloud, freeze like a piece of ice, break and destroy objects, and jump on geysers and webs. Interact with the surrounding world and change it by using all physical and chemical properties of water to beat the challenges ahead of you.

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Monster Metropolis

By: Faceroll Games Ltd.
Coming to: iOS/Android/PC July 2017

Like Sim City meets Rampage meets Grandia, Monster Metropolis is a mismatch of RPG, CCG, and city builder. You can summon powerful guardians, build your ultimate city, take part in action-packed battles, and compete online against rival players. 

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Pigeon Rush!

By:78 x 36 Productions. 
Out on: iOS.

Pigeon Rush! is a single/multiplayer racing game which drops you in multiple worlds against multiple foes. Play as Agent Blackhawk as you twist, dodges, and evade all of the obstacles in your way.

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LoA - Legend of Abhimanyu

By: ACY Entertainment.
Out on: iOS.

LoA is a 3D mobile action adventure game inspired from the epic mythology Mahabharataâ. This single-player mobile game offers up 15-level gameplay, and includes boss fights as well as striking, cinematic war environments.

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By: Applefrog.
Out on: Android.

This multiplayer party game pulls up creative debates for you and your friends to *ahem* 'chat' about when in the car, waiting in line, or whenever you fancy a screaming match. Featuring five different categories and thousands of questions, who will come out on top?


By: Applefrog.
Coming to: Android December 2017.

Alys is a story-driven arcade shooter where you'll uncover the mysteries of Wonderland - even after you've died. Swiftly switch between colours to dodge enemy bullets, unlock and upgrade companions, and die, die, die, and die again. 

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Z-Hero: The Sacred Sword

By: BadComics Software.
Coming to: iOS/Android 2018

A 2D Legend of Zelda-like single-player adventure game with plenty of levels and dungeons to take on.

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Chief Puzzle Officer

By: DuoFun Studios.
Out on: iOS/Android.

Build your own business tower with your Guild in this real-time multiplayer RPG/puzzler. Take part in weekly four player cooperative events, and slay the Board Room in 3v3 Guild battles. 

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Hovercraft: Battle Arena

By: High Score Hero.
Coming to: iOS/Android 2018.

This follow up to Hovercraft (Build Fly Retry, and Hovercraft: Takedown) will feature open world gameplay, and take combat racing to a whole new level. Create a completely custom Hovercraft, brick by brick, then choose your arsenal and blast through an open world filled with enemies and other real players.

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Cats In Mechs

By: Mega World Studios.
Coming to: iOS/Android October 2017

Cats in Mechs is a player-driven, top-down action/adventure game which learns as you play. As you blast through enemy Mechs, the world reacts to your tactics and the enemies adapt and get wise to your techniques. 

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Zero G Run

By: Noxiguard Studios.
Coming to: iOS/Android late 2017.

This action/arcade game has you running through space. Move through space by hooking onto objects and pulling yourself towards them with your tractor beam, but try not to hit anything on your way. 

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Crashy Cars

By: pixelbizarre.
Coming to: iOS and Android July 2017

Crashy Cars is a one-touch endless arcade game. Get cars across an intersection and whatever you do, don't crash. Pick up coins, avoid obstacles, score points, and unlock special cars as you work through level after level.

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Zen Blocks

By: PolyCarbon Games.
Coming to: iOS/Android/Facebook Messenger September 2017.

This match-three multiplayer puzzler was built to relax the mind. 

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Salad Hunt

By: Salad Hunters Inc.
Coming to: iOS/Android late 2017.

Salad Hunt is inspired by classic arcade shooters, but instead a macho survivor against legions of zombies and bad guys, you're a terrified chef against waves of devious salad items. Toss forks, knives, bowls, and lettuce at the violent veg and enjoy violence...without the violence. 

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Heroes vs Villains: Rise of Nervo

By: Tatum Games, LLC.
Coming to: Android 2017.

Heroes vs Villains: Rise of Nervo is the world's first collaborative collectible card game. There are three huge components that set HV apart from other collectible card games. Fair yet higher competition, interaction, and tournaments. 


By: Tucker Brown.
Coming to: iOS 2017.

CREAK is a creepy puzzler where you'll communicate with an angry spirit through her haunted possessions.

Smash Mobs

By: Wishary Games.
Coming to: Android July 2017.

Smash Mobs is a fantasy-driven, defence strategy game. Defend Elysium from a monster army and form your garrison with powerful dragon, dexterous elf, and brave dwarf commandants.

Win more battles to rescue more commandants to expand your garrison and be promoted to higher ranks.


Reviewer photo
Emily Sowden 18 July 2017
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