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The Ories: Super Space Monsters!
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by Peter Willington 26/3/2013
Product: The Ories: Super Space Monsters!
Developer: Assyria Game Studios
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Casual
Players: 1
Networking: wireless (network)
Version: Europe
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This is a freemium game review, in which we give our impressions immediately after booting a game up, again after three days, and finally after seven days. That's what the strange sub-headings are all about.

The Ories: Super Space Monsters! is a good name for a video game.

Let's break it down: the first two words force your brain to ask whether it knows what an Orie is, and when your Numskulls return empty-handed you notice that there's a colon.

"Aha!" you think, "this may provide me with the answers I seek". After the colon is "Super", indicating that Ories are awesome, and the final two words categorically state that they are creatures from the stars. ...
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A mediocre game is made infinitely worse by locking away content that's only accessible after umpteen repeats of the same content, or consuming loads of ads
Audio/visual: 7
Gameplay: 5
Value: 3
Innovation: 3
Overall: 3
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