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Hygiene horror! Fight bad bacteria and fetid cavities in The Mouth of Madness
by Chris Priestman 6/8/2013
Product: The Mouth of Madness
Developer: Jardvark Studios
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Networking: wireless (network)
Clean your teeth. Visit the dentist. Floss twice a day. 

The demands of dental hygiene never stops, and as a result it can seem so laborious to keep up with it all. What you need is some motivation.

Enter the grimy, cartoon-spoiled teeth of The Mouth of Madness - an upcoming free game with a focus on oral hygiene.

A game like this is all about the presentation. Take, for example, the grotesque focus on gum-ribbings, the cracked tooth enamel and slimy, green fetid blobs squirming around the tongue.

The place of play in this game is a wretch-worthy rendition of our most publicly accepted orifice; styled with the gruesome cartoons of The Ren & Stimpy Show. 

Inside lies a fairly standard game if you approach it with a focus on mechanical analysis.

Various blobs, biters and nasty bacteria jump out from behind teeth and attempt to spread their foul juices about the mouth. The player is tasked with simply swiping them away - nothing new.

But there's an excitement displayed here that many other games fail to capture. The enemies are cavities: silly dental nuisances full of rascally character, yet evil in their intention. 

The more personable cavities include Billy the Bicuspid, Excaliburn, and Nosferatooth.

Rapidly swiping over their form will be your mission, but make sure you don't touch Kitty Boom Boom, for that will only spread the muck further.

The Mouth of Madness will provide a progression system through unlocks for good hygiene. These include more enemy types and new power ups (toothbrush, mouthwash etc).

The game's already been submitted for Apple's approval and a release date will be announced when and if the game is passed.

Expect The Mouth of Madness to arrive on the App Store "soon" at the brilliant price of "free"!
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