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The App Stork: Introducing Jin Li, Honey Pot, N.Y. Zombies, and Giant Moto...
...plus a bundle of new iPhone gaming goodness
New iPhone, iPad, and Android Games iPhone, thumbnail 1
It's that time of the week again - the App Stork has flown in to deliver games, games, games for your iPhone.

He finds it difficult to use a mouse with that bill of his (are you still doing this? - ed), but he still makes the effort each week to look through the Pocket Gamer forums and check out all the latest releases - in particular, the iPhone developer news section.

If you'd like the Stork to gaze his beady eyes over your work, make sure you head on over there and post some screenshots and preferably a gameplay video.

On with this week's releases!

Jin Li - Clever Mojo Games

When he's not pecking at an iPhone screen, the App Stork is catching fish to feed his App Stork family. Jin Li allows him to combine his fishy tastes with an iPhone game. It's a two-player, turn-based strategy game involving Koi fish.

On each turn, you may move one of your fish on the grid, and place a rock in the water. The key is to move your fish next to each other, or next to your opponent's fish, scoring points for doing so.

Fish can also be made to jump rocks to get up close and personal with the other Koi. First to ten points wins.

It's available for iPhone and iPad for 99c, 59p.

Honey Pot - Dean Morris

Honey Pot is essentially hexagonal Tetris, with each of the falling pieces designed to look bee-related.

The pieces are all strange shapes to slot together with the six-sided theme - in fact, you may have to learn Tetris all over again. All the usuals are in there - blocks speed up as time progresses, multiple lines can be taken out simultaneously, etc. A sweet-looking puzzler.

N.Y. Zombies - Foursaken Media

Zombies are all the rage at the moment, so let's indulge in a little undead goodness. N.Y. Zombies pits you, a lone survivor, against waves of brain-munchers from a first-person shooter prespective.

You do, of course, have access to a wide variety of weapons to make sure their brains are removed before yours. Twenty guns and abilities are at your disposal, while you blast your way through either the Story mode or Survival mode.

There are also global leaderboards and trophies. N.Y. Zombies is in the App Store for $1.99, £1.19.

Giant Moto - Rocket 5 Project

There have been a variety of Excitebike clones over the years - some good, some bad. Giant Moto appears to fall very much in the 'good' category, with some lovely visuals, physics, and gameplay.

With a 'boost' button on the screen for speeding towards the jumps, players tilt the screen to line the wheels up for landing.

There are six different tracks in total to play through, with AI difficulty ranging from a walk (ride?) in the park to all-out motocross war.

Giant Moto is available from the App Store for 99c, 59p.

Other App Store offerings in the App Store this week

Marble Merge
Core Mania
Jewelry Bubble

Reviewer photo
Mike Rose 14 April 2010
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Anonymous | 22:47 - 3 May 2010
Honey Pot is free today only as part of the Open Feint Free Game of the Day promotion!
Anonymous | 09:10 - 17 April 2010
Honey Pot can be found on iTunes by this link: