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Free-to-play iOS game Tetris Monsters will turn Tetris into an RPG, but only in Japan
by Mark Brown 5/8/2013
Product: Tetris Monsters
Format: iPhone, iPad
EA has unveiled a new free-to-play Tetris game, that's designed specifically (and only) for Japan. Upcoming iOS app Tetris Monsters mashes the block-dropping puzzlings of Tetris with a turn-based RPG.

So, your success in a quick-fire game of Tetris will have a direct impact on a series of 3D, turn-based, monster-bashing battles.

According to the trailer, doing Tetris tricks like quick drops, spinning Tetrominoes, and performing a Tetris (cleaning four lines in one fell swoop) will improve the attack power of your heroes in the next fight.

There's also a new stack system, where cleared lines don't immediately vanish so you can stack them together and cash in loads of lines at once for enormous combos.

Some of the more cynical members of the audience might draw a connection to GungHo Entertainment’s Puzzle & Dragons, which also has you playing a puzzler (in this case, matching gems) to power up a troupe of RPG heroes.

The game is a titan on the Japanese App Store and, according to our bean-counting buddies at Pocketgamer.biz, it rakes in an astronomical $4.9 million a day.

Tetris Monsters will hit the App Store later this summer, and it will be exclusive to Japan (for now, at least).
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