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Temple Run

For: iPhone   Also on: Android, iPad

You won't see it for dust

Product: Temple Run | Developer: Imangi Studios | Publisher: Imangi Studios | Format: iPhone | Genre: Action, Arcade, Endless running | Players: 1 | Version: Europe | App version: 1.0
Temple Run iPhone, thumbnail 1
We've all been there. Just as you nick the golden idol, you're set upon by a horde of enraged apes who proceed to chase you through the jungle.

Your only hope is to run like hell and pray you don't stumble over a tree root or plummet to a watery grave.

That's the basic premise of Temple Run, another in a long line of endless-running smartphone games that prove the simplest concepts can be the most fun as long as they're executed well.

Monkey see, monkey chase

Temple Run casts you as an Indiana Jones-alike in a side-scrolling world. You have no control over your speed, so all you can do is dodge the obstacles that zip past on the ground.

You have four moves - turn left, turn right, jump, and slide -activated by swiping your finger left, right, up, or down on the screen. You can also tilt your phone / tablet to change your position.

Get your timing right and you might negotiate a corner, leap over a tree root, or skid beneath a burning fence. Get it wrong and you'll plunge into a swamp, get mauled by gorillas, or be incinerated.

There's no escape from the monkey horde - eventually you'll fail and die and have to start over again. You gain achievements by passing distance milestones, and along the way you can collect coins.

Jungle Booty

You can use these coins at an in-game shop to buy items to aid your doomed escape. Some of them offer speed boosts, others resurrect you where you fall, and so on.

You can spend real life money in the store as well, purchasing more coins to spend on the different items. It's not really necessary, though, as you'll pick up more than enough on your runs to buy all the power-ups you'll ever need.

Temple Run is a well-balanced game, starting things off slowly before throwing you into a world of quick swipes, tilts, and hilarious deaths.

Every playthrough is different - though the scenery largely isn't - so there's no pattern of learning involved. You pick up your phone / tablet, tap to grab the idol, and you're running for your life again.

It's not particularly original, and nor is it loaded with content. But if ambition is less important to you in a game than solid gameplay and smart presentation, then it's worth checking out.
Temple Run
Reviewer photo
Harry Slater | 11 August 2011
A solid take on the endless-running genre that doesn't add anything, but is still fun all the same
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Feb 2012
Post count:
fadi_r@hotmail.it | 12:25 - 9 February 2012
Nov 2011
Post count:
Noorzz | 22:00 - 21 November 2011
Love the game i give it 5/5 we have all the characters and now we are trying to remove the Adds lool Well yup
Oct 2011
Post count:
Mr. Temple Run | 16:28 - 29 October 2011
This game is soo adictive. you can never win just die but the more you play the less you cant. once you start playing its too hard to stop defonetly worth playing so check it out you wont regret it ! And angry birds is also worth checking out its a great game just not as good as temple run! So if you have an Ipod, Iphone, Ipad or an apple product then you have to download this game its free too which is a bonus. you need app store asking for your/ parents credit card number but it isnt a skam and you only need to download the free things even though you give them your credit card pin the things you download can be free.