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Playrise Digital would love to create WipEout-style racer for iOS, needs Table Top Racing to sell well
by Anthony Usher 31/1/2013
Product: Table Top Racing
Developer: Playrise Digital
Publisher: Playrise Digital
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Racing
Networking: wireless (adhoc),wireless (network)
Yesterday, WipEout designer Nick Burcombe and his new Liverpool-based studio Playrise Digital released a Micro Machines-esque drive-'em-up called Table Top Racing.

Table Top Racing may look pretty excellent, but I'd still happily sell my younger sister for a true WipEout-style racer on the iPhone and iPad.

I may be in luck.

According to Playrise Digital's official Twitter account, a futuristic action-packed racer for iOS isn't completely out of the question.

"Now we have seen what you can do on iOS, any chance of a WipEout-style game? ;) @PlayriseDigital," a fan of Table Top Racing tweeted towards the Scouse studio.

"I'd love to do it. Need [Table Top Racing] to sell well," somebody at the studio replied. So, there we have it.

If you want to see a WipEout-style racer on iOS, go and check out Playrise Digital's debut iOS title. We said "Table Top Racing has enough gusto and playability to make it a winner".
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