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Sushi Hero

For: iPhone

Lunch quest

Product: Sushi Hero | Publisher: Ayopa Games | Format: iPhone | Genre: Casual | Players: 1 | Version: Europe | App version: 1.01
Sushi Hero iPhone, thumbnail 1
The key to good sushi is sourcing fresh ingredients and then balancing them to perfection.

Sushi Hero, which sees you embarking on a mad fish-killing rampage in the name of gastronomy, is a reasonably tasty casual treat, but it lacks in both of these vital areas.

If it was a type of sushi it would be the kind you find in the fridge at Sainsbury's - superior to the bog-standard sarnies around it, but far from the best at what it does.


The core game involves - as so many iOS games these days do - running from left to right automatically. All you need to do is tap the left of the screen to jump and the right to attack.

As you zip along, assorted types of fish bounce the other way. Most of these are harmless, but need to be harvested with a well-timed swipe of your cleaver.

Others - such as the electric eel or poison fish - cause you damage, so need to be attacked or avoided.

Each of the levels is brightly and attractively drawn, with a nod to Japanese anime culture, but there's little variation to be found from stage to stage. It's largely flat, with the occasional platforms that the game throws in serving no real purpose.


Essentially, what we have here is Punch Quest without the deep combat system, varied terrain, and imaginative enemy design.

There's satisfaction to be had in stringing together successive chops, building up a combo meter, and targeting specific types of fish in order to meet your quota. There's a typically empowering wasabi power-up that grants you a temporary scorch-everything flame ability, too.

But, really, Sushi Hero lacks the depth, freshness, and balance to make for a truly mouth-watering experience.
Sushi Hero
Reviewer photo
Jon Mundy | 27 December 2012
A bright and fun casual runner that lacks the variety and depth of the best games in the genre
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Dec 2012
Post count:
davidcohan | 04:22 - 29 December 2012
I have to say, i have seen this game posted on alot of blogs. i saw it posted on IGN and didnt download it. After reading this i was curious in checking it out as it has a lot of great feedback on other blogs. After giving it a go and playing it all day i have to say , its a really fun and addicting game. I LOVE the artwork, its really nice to seeing apps having such clean design. Unlike so many games i download this game has not crashed once on my phone, which is a plus to me because i hate when games crash. Over all i would say this is a must have game for anyone that spends alot of time waiting around on trains like me, or just enjoys playing games for a minute or two. This game is wicked!!! Cant wait to see what these guys do next with updates!