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[Update] Warning: Slender spin-off for iOS is an unofficial knock-off

This clone is scarier than Slenderman

Product: Slender-Man | Developer: Rory Harvey | Publisher: Rory Harvey | Genre: Adventure, Conversion
For: iPhone   Also on: Android, iPad
Slender-Man iPhone, thumbnail 1
Don't be fooled by the App Store description for "Slender-Man", which claims that the Slender series is "finally available on iOS".

It is actually a clone, and definitely not endorsed by the series's original creator.

Slender, if you've been living under a rock, is an indie horror phenomenon for PC. In the game you traipse around a dark forest, picking up scraps up paper while being pursued by a faceless man in a sharp suit, called Slenderman.

The game's reputation as being one of the most scary games around has helped turned it into something of a viral hit, and a number of games is now being made in this new, super-scary series.

Slender-Man for iOS, however, is not one of them. "This is not by us or Mark Hadley, so we do not officially endorse this in any way," a spokesperson for Blue Isle Studios - which is helping make a sequel called Slender: The Arrival - told Pocket Gamer.

So - don't waste your money on this shameless, 69p / 99c knock-off. If it's even available anymore, that is - Blue Isle told Pocket Gamer that it will seek legal action and try to get the game pulled from the App Store.

Updated on September 29th, at 19:40: The developer of this iOS game has since changed the description, to remove the statement about the game being "finally available on iOS". Now it focuses on the fact that it's a "brand new survival horror game", that's "based upon the Slenderman urban legend and Der GroƟmann myth".

You can play the real Slender: The Eight Pages on PC, here.

The real Slender

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 29 September 2012
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Sep 2012
Post count:
@TyeDyeTweets | 20:41 - 29 September 2012
Thanks for your comment.
You're welcome.

We felt it was a knock-off, expressly trying to jump on Hadley's success, based on the part of the description that read "finally available on iOS".
That is a bit of a jump, from "Finally avaiable on iOS" to "a Slender Knock-Off". As stated above by Scott Howey, this was available on Android some time before it was on iOS. Which he probably meant his game is now finally on iPhone.

That section has mysteriously been removed - a fact we've now added into the story.
If I put that in the description for the reason I stated above, and then a "well respected iOS website" made a whole article focused entirely on that quote and not what the whole game played like or was about. I would of deleted it in a flash.

I completely agree with Scot this review was very bias, which I believe isn't good for news articles?
In the future maybe just do a bit more research into it :)

Sep 2012
Post count:
Scott Howey | 19:59 - 29 September 2012
This review is ridiculously biased... it never claimed to be a "knock off" if you actually read the description it actually says "brand new game". Besides, this game has been out on Android for ages as "Call of Slender"... so if anything it's a remake of the Android version, not the PC game.
May 2010
Post count:
Mark Brown | 19:41 - 29 September 2012
Thanks for your comment.

We felt it was a knock-off, expressly trying to jump on Hadley's success, based on the part of the description that read "finally available on iOS".

That section has mysteriously been removed - a fact we've now added into the story.
Sep 2012
Post count:
@TyeDyeTweets | 19:04 - 29 September 2012
I think calling this game a "Rip off" or "Knock Off" Is very unfair. The idea of making "Slender: The Eight Pages" came from the famous legend of the Slender-Man.
There have been numerous games spread over different platforms around the idea of the slender-man. With "Slender: The Eight Pages" being one of them, but since it is the most famous is it fair to say all the other ones are rip-offs of it?

This game is a good stab at the slender style of game. And, I think it is harshly unfair to call it a "knock-off"

The two games are very similar but, it is not a port. The reasons for similarity are due to the Unity 3D engine both games are based on. As well as this the original game was made using unity's assets, so similarity in graphics are definite if both games used the same graphics MADE by Unity and its users.

I normally enjoy these reviews against actual Knock-Off games but I feel this game has been mistaken as one in this case.

The only thing that I find a problem with this game is the lag which you failed to mention.

If this game does get taken off the app-store then there is definitely something wrong going on, as one company cannot simply own the Slenderman as he was created by many communities and over time.

I hope you reply with what you think about all this.

-(Wikapedia - Many of the game's graphics and code snippets are obtained from Unity's own Asset Store")