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Runaway: A Twist of Fate walkthrough for iPhone and iPad

How to run. Away
Product: Runaway: A Twist of Fate | Developer: Pendulo Studios | Publisher: Bulkypix | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle
Runaway: A Twist of Fate iPhone, thumbnail 1
The latest iOS point-and-click adventure from Bulkypix is Pendulo Studios's dark tale Runaway: A Twist of Fate.

This is a game about mental hospitals; suspicious suicides; faking your own death; and some of the most harebrained and illogical puzzles this side of a Sierra Entertainment game.

Sometimes, you'll need to find a dead Swedish person to posthumously translate an IKEA manual. Sometimes, you'll have imaginary items in your inventory. It's absolutely barmy.

If you get stuck in Runaway: A Twist of Fate, follow this guide to get you back on track.

Chapter 1

Take the ribbon from the wreath on Brian's grave. Leave the area to find the graveyard, and then enter the tomb.

You'll watch a cutscene introducing Agatha. After this, go inside the tomb again. Talk to Agatha about the parabiothermal cable, and how it senses changes in temperature.

Go downstairs and into the tunnel. Remove the painting and take the urn. Go back to the graveyard.

Go down the steps. Go into the church. Lift the doormat, and open the trapdoor. Take the glove from inside. Now, try to get the box on the top shelf - if the trapdoor is open, Gina will stand on it and will be able to reach.

There's a key inside the box. Use it to open the grating. Then, pick up the collection basket and ring the bell.

Outside, check in the back of the hearse to get a strap. Fill the rubber glove up with water, and then enter the newly opened door to the maintenance room.

Talk to Luanne until you can convince her to give you an assembly manual. It's in Swedish, so you'll need some translation help. Take a file from the tool belt.

Put the glove filled with water into the freezer. Transfer the ashes from the urn into the little box. Then, use the urn on the freezer to transport the frozen glove.

Go to the tomb and look down the hole in the floor at the angel statue. Tie the strap from the hearse to the angel statue. Then, go downstairs.

Use the urn (and frozen glove) on the cable to set off Agatha's machine. She'll leave the tomb, which means you can nab her torch from behind the statue, upstairs.

Go back to the church entrance. Use the torch on the book (you'll find out that it's a list of dead bodies in the graveyard). Use the Swedish manual on the book to find a dead Swede.

Go back to the screen behind the tomb with the statue of Atlas. Talk to Agatha and ask her to translate the manual. She will translate the manual in a cutscene.

Give the translated manual to Luanne. She'll leave her shed. Now, open the big door she has been guarding and take the circular saw. Attach it to the collection bucket. Then, go back to Agatha.

Try to remove the strap from the Atlas statue. It's too tight. Use the jack on the boulder to lift it up, then take the strap. Go inside the tomb, and go downstairs to the room from where you nabbed the urn.

Use the file on the middle block with the hook to remove the mortar. Then, attach the strap to the stone block. Gina will automatically tie the strap to the strap from earlier. Now, head upstairs and look down the hole again.

Use your elongated saw on the left steel wires. This will pull the block out. Go back upstairs, and get the pole that fell over in the crash. Go back downstairs and use the pole on the hall in the wall to bust Brian out.

Chapter 2

After talking to Gabbo, enter the TV room. Then, when you automatically leave, walk back in. Take the marker pen and tub of paper clips from the dividing wall. Take a whiteboard from the cabinet.

Go back to the hall, then go into room 304. Check in the pillow on the right to get a knife and some mints. Turn to leave and try to squeeze into the air duct system - no dice.

Talk to Marcelo to find out that he could squeeze into the air vent, get the imaginary box in your inventory, and find out that he won't perform without suspenders. Leave the room and go back to the TV area.

At the other end of the TV area, you'll see two old men. Give a mint to Hollister. Then, look at him to discover that he wants to get to Rancho Cucamonga. Use the marker on the whiteboard, and write 'Cucamonga'.

Walk near Mr Nice and he'll drop his Atlanta whiteboard. Switch whiteboards, and he'll jump in the imaginary car. Use the knife on the suitcase to take the elastic straps. Use the straps on the paper clips to make suspenders.

Then, give the imaginary box to Marcelo. After a cutscene, you'll be in the casino room.

Take the scale weight and the plastic tube. Try to sneak through the air vent. Unfortunately, you'll find that the map has been stolen. Talk to Gabbo and he'll tell you that the janitor will have a map.

Back in the hallway, talk to Quickle through the door and get him started on the rant. Then, use the scale weight on the radiator in between rooms 303 and 304. This will break the radiator and the janitor will appear.

Look at the glass cabinet photo board on the wall, and use the marker pen on Ernie's picture. Talk to Ernie to get the janitor away from his toolbox. Then, open the toolbox to take the map. Chapter finished!

Chapter 3

Look inside any cupboard to start a full search of the room. You'll come up empty-handed. Look at the kitchen utensils to get a spatula. Then, go outside through the front door.

Look under the bridge to get wire cutters. Then, attempt to go inside the shed... only to find that it's locked. Inside, talk to Bennett and he'll throw some keys down. They'll bounce under a kitchen cabinet. Whoops.

Look under the cabinet, and then use the spatula to get the envelope. Go outside through the back door, and use the wire cutters on the fish to get a fish hook. Then, go back inside, and use the fish hook on the hole under the counter to snag the keys.

Go back outside and use the keys on the shed. Pick up the rope and the diving goggles. Use the diving goggles on the envelope to find some spider hairs. Go back to the house to talk to Bennett about the spider and get him out of the house. Now, you can go upstairs.

Take the pendant off the trophy and look at it. Go to the other side of the upstairs room and take the bow and one arrow. Tie the arrow to the rope.

Hit the sheriff's badge to jump to Bennett. Talk to the sheriff until he asks you to prove that you're a friend by telling you Chapman's nickname.

Leave the conversation and go back to Gina. Use the phone and call everyone. Call Bennett and give him the nickname "Lovey Bear". Then, as Bennett, relay this info to the sheriff.

After a cutscene, take the glow sticks out of the military chest.

Outside, use the keys to unlock the well. Throw down the glow sticks, then fire the arrow to pull up a boot containing a laptop. Take it upstairs and plug it into the power lead.

Downstairs, take the boxing gloves (near the front door) and use the goggles on them to get Chapman's boxing nickname, Hurricane.

Use this as the password on the computer to complete the chapter, and the first volume in this two-part app.

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Mark Brown 28 March 2013
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