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Rolly Vortex tips and tricks - Roll your way to new high scores

Get crystals and big scores with our Rolly Vortex cheats and tips
Product: Rolly Vortex | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Rolly Vortex iPhone, thumbnail 1
If you’ve been frozen to your phone staring deep into a hypnotic abyss lately, you might just have found Rolly Vortex, the latest game to be taking the App Store and Google Play by storm.

Here we’ve put together a few helpful tips and tricks for you to keep in mind while rolling into the great white vortex.

Keep your thumb steady and get ready to roll into some brand new high scores with our Rolly Vortex tips.

Slide side-to-side

This tip is very straightforward; despite the cylindrical nature of the vortex you’re rolling down, you shouldn’t slide around the circle to get the ball to move, instead, just slide left and right on the screen.

Attempting to slide the ball around the screen in a circular motion will actually slow you down, and make things much harder to control, despite how very tempting it can be.

Just make sure to keep your finger moving on a straight line to the left and right of the screen to keep control.

Don’t lift off

Another small tip for controlling the ball in Rolly Vortex is not to remove your finger from the screen - at all.

Lifting your finger is tempting, but when you put your finger down once again to make minor adjustments to your trajectory, it might take your device a hot moment to register your press, and if it thinks you’ve moved slightly, it might put the ball in harm’s way.

Best advice is to just not lift your finger off, unless you’re absolutely certain it’s not going to be hitting anything while you scratch your nose.

Dancing on the ceiling

Remember, the ceiling is every bit as viable as the floor in Rolly Vortex - although, having said that, there’s no much to differentiate the ceiling from the floor…

Just remember, while you’re up there, sliding right on the screen will send your ball to the left, and vice versa.

Although it’s possible and might help in a pinch, in general we suggest staying on the bottom half of the screen, as this is where most of the openings will be.

Bigger than it looks

The collision detection on your ball in Rolly Vortex is a bit more strict than it might seem at first glance.

Although it could look like you’re smoothly sailing down a path of multiple wide-open goals, make sure to not push your luck.

The hitbox and collision detection in Rolly Vortex isn’t perfect, and put simply, this means you should leave a wide berth between yourself and the obstacles you’re avoiding whenever possible.

The ol’ Switcheroo

There are some obstacles that move, those can be a nightmare, but things get even worse when they move, and then start moving in the opposite direction.

These are common after you accrue over 30 points, and are by far the worst offenders for tricking players into crashing.

Best advice here is just to always be aware, and don’t lift your finger off even for a second! A split second can save your high score, so stay vigilant.

Going full circle

One thing to remember while playing Rolly Vortex, is that you always have the capability to make it through the next goal.

No matter how tight the gap might seem, your ball can actually rotate a full 360 degrees around the vortex in between obstacles. Just try it!

Point is, if you’ve got the reflexes, there’s no obstacle that’s too tough for you, despite how much it might take you by surprise.


Reviewer photo
Dave Aubrey 5 October 2017
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