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Rock Runners
God dammit, Marie, they're minerals
by Mark Brown 14/2/2013
Product: Rock Runners
Developer: Recoil Games
Publisher: Chillingo
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Platform
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Difficulty can be a delicate balance. Make your game too hard and most players will smash their iPhone into a billion bits in a catastrophic rage. But make it too easy and there's no satisfaction when you win.

Rock Runners often veers too close to the "easy" end of the spectrum.

Here's how it works. In each level, your pint-size hero automatically dashes from left to right, leaving you to concentrate on timing jumps and getting the perfect angle on a daredevil swing over a puddle of toxic goo.

But you can essentially stumble through the entire game like a wounded gazelle, missing half the gems, falling at crucial jumps, and running into walls before unceremoniously tripping over the finish line. ...
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Rock Runners is an excellent platformer with loads of content, but it's let down by an all-too gentle difficulty curve and repetitive levels
Audio/visual: 8
Gameplay: 8
Value: 8
Innovation: 7
Overall: 8
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