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Less than the sum of its parts
by Jon Mundy 16/4/2013
Product: Rigonauts
Developer: Engient
Format: iPad
Genre: Strategy
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Anyone who remembers the TV series Scrapheap Challenge from its early noughties heyday will know all about the disconnect between the planning and the execution stage of a hasty construction project.

Like a real life version of The A-Team, two teams would have to build a fantastic contraption out of assorted scrap parts in order to carry out a specific task.

When it worked it was brilliant stuff, but too often the final practical application of these contraptions failed to live up to expectations.

It's a fitting illustration for Rigonauts.

Where's Dick Strawbridge when you need him? ...
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A promising construction system allied to solid physics that never quite forms into a wholly satisfying game
Audio/visual: 6
Gameplay: 6
Value: 6
Innovation: 7
Overall: 6
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