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It's a hit! Real Racing 3 surpasses combined downloads of Real Racing and Real Racing 2

'There's no question that going freemium was the right way to go'

Product: Real Racing 3 | Developer: Firemonkeys | Publisher: EA Mobile | Genre: Racing | Networking: wireless (network)
For: iPhone   Also on: Android, iPad
Real Racing 3 iPhone, thumbnail 1
To put it mildly, there was much consternation among the mobile gaming community when EA announced its decision to transform Real Racing 3 into an IAP-heavy free-to-play racer.

EA's freemium approach to its premium racing franchise doesn't appear to have adversely affected Real Racing 3's performance on the App Store, though. It's been sitting pretty at the top of Apple's Free Apps chart in 90 different countries, after all.

Furthermore, Real Racing 3 was downloaded more times in its first week on the App Store than Real Racing and Real Racing 2 have been downloaded in the entire time they've been available on Apple's mobile platform.

"There's no question that going freemium was the right way to go," Nick Earl, EA's vice president of mobile and social, said.

"The vocal minority lashed out at freemium. We respect them and understand, but the market has spoken. That's just where things are going."

Take that

According to an infographic released by EA (posted below), budding drivers from around the world complete a whopping 25 million races in Real Racing 3 every single day.

That means gamers have spent more than 14 million hours behind the Real Racing 3 wheel since the game hit the App Store just under three weeks ago.

Real Racing 3 nabbed a Gold Award at review. You can grab it from the App Store [download] and Google Play [download] right now.


Reviewer photo
Anthony Usher 18 March 2013
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Feb 2014
Post count:
@rncry | 10:54 - 8 August 2014
I wouldn't mind so much if the game was actually good. It's basically just 'how fast can I go around a corner without skidding out', there's nothing more to it. Better cars just go a bit faster around the corner. GT Racing 2 and 2k Drive have much better physics models, and they're much more fun and interesting to play.
Aug 2014
Post count:
scottttttttt | 20:09 - 7 August 2014
Played this game for over a year now. Spent more than my share of 'micro transactions' (whatever the heck that is) in real dollars. Been a loyal promoter of the game, but then a few weeks back, Firemonkeys changed the rules. There was a level that if you made it to, that you could actually accumulate enough gold to buy a top car or make a top upgrade...though still needed to play about an hour per 50 gold. Not an insignificant amount of time considering the car values I'm talking about are in the 400-900 gold coins and upgrades in the hundreds.

Firemonkeys didn't like this new reality that THEY created and we played, so they cheated. Changed the rules in the middle of the game so it is now virtually impossible to get close to finishing the last few levels without spending hundreds of dollars in real money, or playing for hundreds of hours.

So, quit while you are ahead. Enjoy the game up to the point where you need to spend only gold coins on cars or upgrades and then ditch it. Time to move on. You'll never complete it, so don't bother. Firemonkeys doesn't care about their customers, so this customer for one will avoid anything produced by Firemonkeys.
Mar 2013
Post count:
@Supadayta | 01:22 - 20 March 2013
god damn it stop this bitching lark! what is it with people and the oh so tiring and unproductive freemium debate. what the hell could a company that big do....fly in the face of actual collected statistics for a few troll fanboys that need to move on or stick with RR2 and moan to themselves. yeah i dont agree entirely or morally either with EA's methods but reality isnt always what we want, its what they think we want. sad really. the only real issue gameplay wise is the frequent frame rate drops on android which on a phone like a Galaxy S3 is pretty stupid as so many people own one and are getting a very sub par version. i know all the stuff about fragmentation on android but at least add a graphics settings option like in dead trigger. my aging ipod touch 4g can handle it at lower settings at about the same if not better frame rate than the GS3..... a racing game SHOULD be smooth to play otherwise it has unwanted added difficulty from stuttering game play which can simply ruin a well timed turn when multiple cars need to be weaved past. sort that out and the game is a stone cold winner in my probably very unpopular view......
Dec 2012
Post count:
@Jongjungbu | 18:22 - 19 March 2013
Of course it would have more downloads because it's free to download. Duh, EA!
Dec 2010
Post count:
Excelcius | 17:39 - 19 March 2013
Oct 2012
Post count:
Jon Hill | 08:03 - 19 March 2013
I think the game is a really good racing sim. I spent
Nov 2012
Post count:
Ginko | 20:24 - 18 March 2013
I think the games pretty rubbish,played it for half day or so and bored,and that was with waiting a while for repairs etc. if I'd bought some more cars,would've had less waiting time,more racing and gt bored quicker and deleted it earlier,pleased it was free or I would've been peed at wasting my cash.
Dec 2010
Post count:
Excelcius | 19:11 - 18 March 2013
I think the whole argument that we should all educate our kids, to be tired and frankly quite insulting, its all very well and good for someone like me who is aware of the ludicrous pricing, but what about the majority who aren't even aware of the issue in the first place.

To say again and again in effect its the victims responsibility not to get fleeced is counter to all logic. What kind of a society are we living in, what would you do if every time your child went out to play there was some dodgy looking bloke asking them for mummy and daddy's credit card details, would you say oh well its my responsibility to educate my child and if I fail then pat the bloke on the back and say fair play heres my credit card ? No you wouldn't you'd phone the police. We don't live in a society where its the victims responsibility and criminals are allowed to run free looking for their next victim.
Mar 2013
Post count:
dstorm | 16:37 - 18 March 2013
Ok firstly the difficulty curve on RR3 is hardly anything new, it's at best the same level as 1 & 2 and many other racers out there and in some of the events laughably easy. The complaints about the IAP should really be geared towards the wait times like an hour for a new car or 30 mins to upgrade an engine. Even they aren't really an issue as you can earn other cars pretty easily or just spend the premium currency it's always throwing at you.

I agree that some kids will fall for it although it's not as blatant as some of the other freemium games out there. These same issues have existed on the xbox with the whole "kids don't realise they're spending real money" argument. The key to beating these theives outside your house is to do things like disable IAPs or teach the kids how to be responsible before you let them go running off with the latest iPad or Nexus unattended and with your details.

Dec 2010
Post count:
Excelcius | 15:49 - 18 March 2013
I havent got a problem with companies making money Im not some kid with a over inflated sense of entitlement, who thinks money comes from parents pockets, and everything else should be free. I haven't even got a problem with the concept of in app purchases, as long as they aren't scandalously over priced or tied to the difficulty curve, which in the case of RR3 they are. I used to spend many an hour in the arcades in my teens, paying per play.

What I do have a problem with is in effect a thief hanging around outside my house waiting to try and trick my kids into giving them my credit card details (itunes id), whilst telling me Im in a minority and to mind my own business. well it is my business regardless of how careful I am with my iTunes id, I resent the fact thats what EA and others are trying to do, its morally reprehensible and legally dubious. Your trying to suggest that someone with a lot of disposable income (presumably someone with intelligence with a highly paid job) is going to punt up
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