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Ravenous Games to 'wrap up production' of Random Heroes 2 sometime this month
by Anthony Usher 6/2/2013
Product: Random Heroes 2
Publisher: Ravenous Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Platform
Ravenous Games has revealed in a post on the Touch Arcade forums that it's currently "wrapping up production" on a sequel to Gold Award-winning pixel-art platformer Random Heroes.

As you would no doubt have guessed, said sequel is called Random Heroes 2.

According to the aforementioned forum post, this follow-up will contain three brand-new chapters, all of which will feature 30 bite-size stages and a thrilling boss fight.

Besides enemies, all 90 stages will house collectible stars and special crystal skulls that are used in the character and weapon upgrade process.

Platformers from Ravenous Games usually boast pretty solid controls, but you'll probably still be pleased to read that Random Heroes 2's controls will be fully customisable.

Unlike in the original Random Heroes, you can use these controls to aim vertically and pull off a useful back-strafing manoeuvre.

Sounds good, right?

Ravenous hasn't confirmed a release date for this sequel yet, but we'd wager that Random Heroes 2 will crash onto the App Store later this month or early next.
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