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Puzzle Restorer
Stroke inducing
by Matt Wales 22/2/2013
Product: Puzzle Restorer
Developer: Gavina Games
Publisher: Gavina Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Whether you're writing them, waiting in them, or dancing like a constipated marionette in them, nothing good has ever come of lines. You can add drawing them to that list now, thanks to Puzzle Restorer, a logic game that turns lines into a brain-melting weapon to be feared.

In principle, Puzzle Restorer offers up a relatively simple little premise: draw a single, continuous line from one coloured block to another, filling in the blanks to complete a picture.

For the first few stages it's a relatively straightforward - even soothing - affair, as you glide effortlessly across the screen, taking in the relaxing jazz accompaniment. ...
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An ingenious, superbly implemented logic puzzler that's sadistic and cerebrally satisfying in equal measure
Audio/visual: 7
Gameplay: 8
Value: 8
Innovation: 7
Overall: 8
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