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Puzzle Coaster

For: iPhone   Also on: iPad

Keep your arms, legs, and brains inside the cars at all times

Product: Puzzle Coaster | Developer: Bravo Game Studios | Format: iPhone | Genre: Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: US | App version: 1.0.1
Puzzle Coaster iPhone, thumbnail 1
Puzzle Coaster is a physics-based puzzle game in which roller coasters are used for the purposes of problem solving. Yes, this is nearly as awesome as it sounds.

You don't even have to remain seated at all times here. Take that, safety standards.

Solve for "Whee!"

In Puzzle Coaster, you are in charge of designing kids' roller coasters, which may or may not be a great idea depending on your temperament.

Each course has coins scattered around it. Your job is to build each track in such a way that the cars can 'nab' every coin they pass by. Oh, and the coaster cars can't, y'know, derail and explode. Gotta think of the children and all that. Sigh.

While you are able to draw in tracks with your finger in Puzzle Coaster, these usually aren't sufficient for grabbing every coin. In each level, you see, you're supplied with a certain number of specialised tracks. The key to achieving a high score is to combine these unique tracks with drawn-in tracks.

For example, if the coins in a level form an upward curve, you can't simply draw a track that rises and falls. Gravity cares not for your silly coasters, so you need to attach your regular tracks to tracks that contain a speed boost, and so on.

One cool coaster

Other special tracks include a springboard that launches your cars upwards, a bomb track that drops your cars (it's more useful - and less dangerous - than it sounds), and a loop-de-loop that helps in grabbing out-of-the-way coins.

You don't need to grab every single coin in a level in order to move on. Nor do you need to use every piece of special track you're offered. There are multiple ways to solve each level, which makes Puzzle Coaster one of the more experimental puzzle games on the market.

Shoddy construction

There is, however, one major source of frustration in Puzzle Coaster. Getting your tracks to connect in precisely the way you want them to can be tricky. That's because the narrow rails don't always 'click' like they're supposed to when you move them close to one another.

Maybe it helps if you don't have beefy fingers. Either way, though, you should probably expect to lay down numerous bumps, lumps, and jagged bits where you absolutely do not want them to be. Unsurprisingly, your coaster will grind to a halt if the ride provided isn't totally smooth.

While these occasional construction disasters will cause you to curse in the name of The Cyclone, Puzzle Coaster is a surprisingly relaxing puzzle game in which creativity AND brainpower are required.

Don't forget to let your cars take a nosedive off an incomplete track once in a while, though. The kids are tough. They'll bounce back.
Puzzle Coaster
Reviewer photo
Nadia Oxford | 9 December 2013
Puzzle Coaster is an enjoyable game with which to wind down, though the controls are more likely to stump you than the puzzles
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